Seymour Hersh, Professional Liar

Seymour Hersh

Seymour Hersh

The work of Seymour Hersh, journalist extraordinaire, often comes in for praise for its fearless revelations about the covert criminality of the US government. Hersh, reads the blurb on the back of his latest book, “reveals the stories the others can’t — or won’t — get.”
Yet an intelligent reading of Hersh’s work, especially his most recent books dealing with JFK and 9/11, will expose this Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for what he is: a professional liar for the Zionist establishment.
Be warned, Mr. Hersh — the 800lb Gorilla is on to you.

"The Dark Side of Camelot” (1997) In “The Dark Side of Camelot” (1997), Hersh spends some 450 pages savaging the reputation of slain president John F. Kennedy, based largely on the words of not-very-credible-sounding sources more than thirty years after the fact.

But Hersh’s disgusting hit-job on Kennedy — who, by the way, opposed both the Federal Reserve and Israel’s budding nuclear-weapons program — is not the point here. Rather, I would draw the reader’s attention to what Hersh writes in the epilogue (p. 451 of the paperback version) regarding Kennedy’s death:

“Over the next thirty-five years, the nation would remain obsessed with the Kennedy assassination. Hundreds of books would be written, full of feverish speculation about Oswald and Ruby and their possible links to organized crime or Soviet intelligence. In five years of reporting for this book, I found nothing that would change the instinctive conclusions of Julius Draznin, or the much more detailed findings of the Warren Commission — Oswald and Ruby acted alone.”

Well, there you have it. Hersh, celebrated for his commitment to truth and fearless pursuit of the facts, subscribes to the Warren Commission’s thoroughly-discredited lone-gunman theory. And it’s not like he wrote these words in the 1970s — “Dark Side of Camelot” was published less than ten years ago.

This lone (and slightly oxymoronic) phrase — “Oswald and Ruby acted alone” — should alert every thinking reader to Hersh’s ultimate allegiance to the establishment.

If you need more proof, though, have a look at what this Pulitzer-Prize winner writes about the 9/11 attacks — which we all know by now were orchestrated by elements within the US government and the Israeli Mossad — in his latest book, “Chain of Command” (2004).

Chain of Command

Chain of Command

In this 400-page compendium of lies and half-truths, Hersh blames the events of 9/11 on incompetent US intelligence agencies, which — suffering from systemic post-Cold War negligence — were unable to prevent Al-Qaeda’s “brilliantly executed” attacks.

The title of the chapter, “Intelligence Failure,” says it all. Despite growing mountains of evidence implicating the US government and Mossad, Hersh repeats the tired mantra that Al-Qaeda “owed its success not just to the failings of the CIA but to the weakness of the FBI and the bureau’s chronic inability to synthesize intelligence reports, draw conclusions and work with other agencies.”

Hersh consistently blames the US failure to respond to the unfolding attacks on “official negligence” and “bureaucratic infighting,” doling out generous portions of this kind of tripe:

“The CIA of 2001 was not up to the job. Since the breakup of the Soviet Union a decade earlier, the CIA had become increasingly bureaucratic and unwilling to take risks, and had promoted officers who shared such values… It had steadily reduced its reliance on overseas human intelligence and cut the number of case officers abroad,” etc., etc.

But while Hersh spends pages lamenting official ineptitude, nowhere does he mention the dozens — if not hundreds — of smoking guns pointing to US/Israeli complicity in the events of 9/11. He writes nothing about the mysterious fate of Building 7; the strange circumstances surrounding Larry Silverstein’s ownership of the WTC complex; the myriad military exercises conducted on the day of the event; or — of course — the Israeli agents caught filming the first attack while shrieking with joy.

If Hersh is lying about the most important stuff — like JFK and 9/11 — what else is he lying about?

Hersh also wrote a book about Israel’s nuclear-weapons capacity (”The Samson Option,” 1991). Is that book, too — which revealed the existence of Israel’s enormous nuclear arsenal — another study in disinformation, like his later books? (For more on this question, see “The World’s Worst-Kept Secrets: the Jewish State’s Atomic Arsenal — or Is it All a Big Show”)

Hersh was first catapulted to fame by his 1972 expose of the massacres committed by US troops in the Vietnamese village of Mai Lai — and has been a rock star of journalism ever since. Was Hersh originally an honest reporter, who was later corrupted by the system?

Or is it possible that Hersh has worked for the establishment all along, and was allowed to break the controversial Mai Lai story in order to give him credibility in the eyes of a gullible public? He did, after all, spend his undergraduate years at the University of Chicago, a well-known nexus of “neo-conservative” scheming.

In any case, in light of his obvious lie-telling in the two books cited above, all of his work should be considered suspect until proven otherwise.

As for you Mr. Hersh, I suspect you’ve been lying to your readers for decades — about subjects of the greatest importance — all the while playing the part of the plucky, Jewish reporter fearlessly speaking truth to power. But you haven’t fooled everybody.

Be warned, Mr. Hersh — the 800lb Gorilla is on to you.

Seymour Hersh, Professional Liar


One Response to “Seymour Hersh, Professional Liar”

  1. Hersh was always on Democracy Now when I was stupid enough to watch that. Might have guessed he was another Zionist shill.

    Well done for fingering him.

    Like you say when he’s that far out on 911 you JUST KNOW where he’s coming from.

    Just like DN!

    The Socialist Workers ( SWP ) was in the vanguard of the anti-war movement that culminated in the 2m march in London in February 2003. It got no further and in no way prevented the subsequent despoliation and devastation of Iraq.

    Why couldn’t the anti-war movement get anyone out on the streets anymore?

    The SWP and Respect Party who were at the centre of the movement in those heady days were totally infiltrated by shills and Zionists.

    These people told us that were we to blame the Israeli Lobby for the War on Terror we would be accused of anti-semitism.

    Nor could we question the official 911 story or even worse finger Israel for 911! No this would open us up to pointing fingers which would label the anti-war movement forever as …….CONSPIRACY THEORISTS!

    Nothing could be worse than this last slur.

    All very convenient for the Zionist war-mongers who took down and immiserated the governement and people of Iraq.

    I, for one, will never be fooled by people like George Galloway or Seymour Hersh ever again.

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