BBC reveals Zionist “War Party” behind Iraq invasion

It’s no secret that most if not all western “mainstream” news sources are controlled by the Zionist establishment, but — every now and then — a morsel of truth will bubble to the surface. “The War Party,” a 2003 documentary film by BBC Panorama, is a case-in-point.This roughly 45-minute production attempts to explain the uncanny influence of a small clique of unelected “neo-conservatives” within the Bush administration, almost all of whom are Zionist Jews, on U.S. foreign policymaking since 9/11 — and the central role they played in America’s drive to war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

Jim Lobe, Washington correspondent and expert on the neo-conservative movement, doesn’t mince words: “It’s no secret that the majority of neo-conservatives have been and remain Jewish,” he is quoted as saying. “That is a fact.”

The names are well-known — Perle, Ledeen, Frum, Kristol, Abrahms, Wolfowitiz, Feith, Cohen, the Wurmsers, et al — as are the “think-tanks” associated with them, including the American Enterprise Institute and the Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

“They call themselves ‘neo-conservatives,’” the narrator says, in reference to the mostly Jewish architects of the US-led war on Iraq. They are “right-wing thinkers whose dreams of a new American century have become George Bush’s foreign policy.”

The film explains how, after 9/11, 2001, the twin concepts of preemptive war and regime change — central pillars of neo-conservative policy — “were just what George Bush was looking for.”

“George Bush’s current foreign policy is basically a neo-con foreign policy,” PNAC’s William Kristol is quoted as saying. “9/11 was a huge wake-up call.”

“The president of the United States, on issue after issue, has reflected the thinking of neo-conservatives,” agrees neo-con “godfather” Richard Perle. “He comes at his view in his own way and through his own experience, but it happens to track very closely the outlook of neo-conservatives — especially since September 11.”

It is interesting to note how often these neo-con apologists fall back on the emotionally-charged events of 9/11 to justify their war on Iraq, even though that country had nothing to do with the attacks (which were perpetrated, in reality, by elements of the US government and the Israeli Mossad).

Like 9/11, the alleged “Holocaust” of European Jewry is another recurrent theme in the neo-conservative argument — also an emotionally-charged, and therefore easily exploited, subject. “The appeasement of Nazi Germany that led to the Holocaust hovers over their view of the world,” explains the narrator, “and its dark possibilities.”

“The defining moment of our history was certainly the Holocaust,” Perle is quoted as saying, in an effort to justify neo-conservative war-making in the Middle East. “When we have the ability to stop totalitarian regimes, we should do so, because when we fail to do so the results are catastrophic.” One wonders if the “catastrophe” Perle hopes to avert could be worse than the deaths of millions of innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq that have come as a direct result of his and his colleagues’ world-view.

One of the few sources quoted in “The War Party” to almost call a spade a spade is Khaled Saffuri of the US-based Islamic Institute. “I think they are a disaster for this country,” Saffuri says of the neo-conservatives running policy in Washington. “And many members of congress believe that but they don’t dare say it.” The neo-cons are, he says, “like a gang; like a mafia.”

The film also notes how a number of leading neo-cons — Perle, Feith and the Wurmsers — helped author the now-famous “Clean Break” white paper in 1996. That report, intended as advice for incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, “called for a clean break with the peace process, rolling back Syria and removing Saddam Hussein from power — an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right.”

In light of the neo-conservatives’ admitted closeness to Israel — indeed, many of them are, literally, passport-holding Israelis — the film raises the contentious issue of “dual loyalties.” Here we are reassured by unelected neo-con psychopaths that the wars being waged against Israel’s enemies — at the cost of untold US blood and treasure — are in America’s best interest.

“Yes, many of us are Jewish — there’s no need to apologize for that,” neo-conservative diva Meyrav Wurmser is quoted as saying. “Most of us — all of us, in fact — are pro-Israel, some of us more firstly so [?] than others.” But, she adds, in what sounds like an Israeli accent, “There is no dual loyalty — the people in the group are Americans first and foremost.”

Now that you see what the US has gained from five years of war in Iraq — nothing but debt and mounting blood on its hands — do you believe her?

Another of the documentary’s high points is listening to neo-con strategist (and pentagon “advisor”) Elliot Cohen voice concern over the inherently anti-Semitic use of the word “neo-conservative” to mean “Jew.” Such usage, Cohen explains, “contains a very old anti-Semitic canard, which is that the Jews — this scattered little people around the world — have these occult powers and are pulling the strings of the naive and duped non-Jews.”

BBC Panorama, “The War Party” — Download it HERE

For more on the proliferation of neo-conservative (i.e., Zionist) think-tanks in Washington — and their hold on US foreign policy-making — read this excellent 2002 article by The Guardian’s Brian Whitaker (“US think-tanks give lessons in foreign policy”) at:

BBC reveals Zionist “War Party” behind Iraq invasion


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