Michael Saba exposed Zionist “Armageddon Network” in 1982

The so-called neo-conservatives currently crafting US foreign policy are hardly fresh arrivals to the corridors of power. As author Michael Saba reveals in his little-known 1982 expose, the neo-con cabal, or what Saba calls the “Armageddon Network,” has been furthering Israel’s agenda in Washington — at the expense of American interests — since the 1970s.The book details how, in 1978, US officials, including neo-con stalwart Richard Perle, were caught passing highly-classified defense department documents to their Israeli counterparts — and got away with it scot-free. As Saba writes in the book’s forward: “That those involved in this affair are still ‘at large,’ and in fact currently hold senior positions in the Pentagon, is what distinguishes ‘The Armageddon Network’ from the average non-fiction account of an espionage investigation.”

The book begins by detailing how then Assistant Secretary of Defense Perle and deputy Stephen D. Bryen were caught red-handed passing top-secret US documents to Israel. Yet despite the author’s best efforts and piles of evidence (the book includes pages of damning documentation in several appendices), the treason is successfully covered up by Zionist agents in US law enforcement and the media.

“Incredible pressure was brought to bear upon the FBI and other sections at the Justice Department to terminate the investigation, and upon news media… to prevent publication of the details of the affair,” the author writes, providing a thorough account of the ensuing whitewash.

Saba doesn’t pull his punches, noting — in 1982, mind you — that the influence of the “network” extended far beyond Israel’s political-action lobby to include “high-level officials throughout all agencies of the government, Congressional aides, and journalists and other media specialists who cut or avoid stories which present Israel in a negative light and promote attempts to smear Israel’s ‘enemies’.”

Ultimately, the culprits — several of whom, notably, were proteges of then Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson — not only escape punishment, but go on to occupy positions of enormous influence in subsequent US administrations (including the current one) where they continue to work diligently for Israel.

“Mr. Perle’s influence in the Reagan Administration far exceeds that normally held by an Assistant Secretary of Defense,” reads a 1983 New York Times article cited in the book. “In the transition, he was able to place associates in important national security positions…”

The “network,” the author explains in no uncertain terms, is “working to achieve US policies that benefit Israel, but which are more and more damaging to America both at home and abroad.” Along with exposing blatant acts of espionage, Saba also chronicles how the network’s agents successfully fostered legislation over the years granting billions of US tax-payers’ dollars in annual military and financial “aid” to Israel.

Like former congressman Paul Findley’s “They Dare to Speak Out [LINK],” Saba’s book also explains how American commercial as well as security relationships “are adversely affected by the activities of Israel’s special interest leaders in Washington, both inside and outside the government,” and how Soviet interests were “correspondingly advanced.”

Saba doesn’t miss the inherent non-logic in the neo-conservatives’ supposed hatred of communism (knowing, perhaps, that both ideologies are opposing tentacles of the same beast): “Herein rests the penultimate irony of the efforts of Israel’s friends,” he writes, “most of whom also profess a virulent form of anti-communism.”

The author goes on to chronicle how Perle, Bryen and their associates exploited their positions and the circumstances of the Cold War to halt the export of US technologies to foreign markets — so that competing Israeli manufacturers could pick up the lost business. As a result of these Israel-first policies, he writes, “The Soviets got their equipment, a US company lost millions, and the rift between the US and other NATO nations deepened.”

The extent of the network’s power in Washington, meanwhile, is well-known in most foreign, particularly Arab, capitals, says Saba.

“Senior Middle East leaders are fully aware of both the specific incidents described herein, and the pervasive pattern of US security indiscretions where Israel is concerned,” he writes. “This knowledge… has changed the way these leaders approach their own security plans vis-a-vis the US, Western Europe and the Eastern Bloc countries.”

Saba adds: “Even Egypt, to which the US post-Camp David has provided over a billion dollars in military aid annually, has recently begun to operate on the premise that American advice and advisors constitute an Israeli Trojan horse in their midst.”

Unfortunately, “The Armageddon Network” does not appear to be available in PDF format (if anyone has it, please post it online). In the meantime, it can be ordered from Amazon here: amazon.com

For more on Richard Perle and the network’s more recent crimes, watch the BBC’s revealing 2003 documentary, “The War Party”

BBC Panorama, “The War Party” — Watch it HERE

BBC Panorama, “The War Party” — Download torrent HERE

Michael Saba exposed Zionist “Armageddon Network” in 1982


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