A disavowal of racism and of those advocating racist solutions

This website and its associated websites categorically reject any and all forms of racism. Further, this website and associated sites will consider those advocating racism or racist policies as agents provocateurs working in the interest of criminal Zionism.

It’s well-known by now that a strategy of divide-and-conquer has been one of the criminal network’s chief, and perhaps most effective, means of maintaining control.By creating artificial divisions — such as Christian vs. Muslim (the neo-conservative “Clash of Civilizations” fantasy) and black vs. white, especially in the US — the criminals have historically eluded, and continue to elude, punishment for their crimes.

This website and associated websites, therefore, categorically reject racism and are not opposed to any particular group of people on the basis of race.

Rather, this site stands against the criminal ideology and practices of world Zionism and its advocates, whatever their background.

To borrow a phrase from Daryl Bradford Smith [LINK], whose general approach to the issue this site endorses: “We don’t oppose any particular ethnic community, we oppose criminals.”

Anyone promoting racism or racist policies, therefore, or seen to be inciting violence against particular ethnic groups, will be viewed by this and associate websites as agents provocateurs actively working to destroy the cohesion of the growing anti-Zionist movement by attempting to turn natural allies against one another.

It’s a time-worn tactic, but one against which we must remain vigilant.

A disavowal of racism and of those advocating racist solutions


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