Israeli “telecom” front ops penetrate Montreal metro

mtro215x281yi3The “mainstream” (i.e., Zionist-controlled) media can no longer be trusted to provide anything in the way of truthful news reporting. Under such circumstances, all genuine investigative journalism must inevitably fall to independent researchers and/or concerned citizens.

“Montreal: The Next Terrorist Target?” is an excellent example of just the sort of independent research/activism needed to implicate the Zionist crime network now at work in our major cities. In this obscure-but-excellent 2007 documentary, 9/11 truther Micheal Pengue asks all the right questions and quickly connects the dots, revealing the long reach of Israeli intelligence — by way of now-familiar Mossad telecom front companies Comverse, Verint and Odigo — into his home city of Montreal.

Download it here , watch it, then pass it along to every thinking person you know (especially Canadians!).

The hour-long film reveals how, in 2003, Montreal municipal officials awarded telecommunications firm Verint the contract to provide video surveillance of Montreal’s mass transit system. Although officials at first deny the existence of the contract — documented evidence for which is provided by the filmmaker — they later admit that Verint was, in fact, given a contract to install hundreds of surveillance cameras throughout the Montreal metro system.

The documentary then points out Verint’s intimate relationship to other “multinational” telecoms, known to be fronts for Israeli intelligence. Along with Verint itself, these include Verint’s parent-company Comverse (the founder of which, Jacob Alexander, is a former Israeli intelligence officer), Amdocs and Odigo — names which should now be familiar to all serious 9/11 researchers.

Drawing on the infamous 2001 Fox News report on Israeli spying on the U.S. , Pengue goes on to explain these companies’ dubious connections to both 9/11 and the 7/7 attacks in London. (For further information on the links between Israeli intelligence — and its fleet of “telecom” fronts — to both false-flag operations, see Victor Thorn’s “9/11 Evil: Israel’s Central Role in the Sept. 11 Attacks”.)

The information and analysis provided in this well-sourced documentary constitute further evidence implicating the Zionist crime network and revealing the long reach of its global espionage operations. But it also raises a more immediate concern — are the same forces at work in the mass transit system of your city?

“Montreal: The Next Terrorist Target?” by Micheal Pengue — download it here , watch it, then pass it on to every thinking person you know.

Israeli “telecom” front ops penetrate Montreal metro


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