Texe Marrs, DBS take the Jewish conspiracy apart at the joints

Still not convinced the conspiracy is real? Then let radio hosts Texe Marrs and Daryl Bradford Smith — the sharp ends of the blade of the anti-Zionist movement — break it down for you.

In this 2008 audio file, Marrs and Smith tackle a host of contentious subjects, discussion of which remains prohibited in mainstream discourse — despite the direct threat they pose to ourselves, to our families and to life as we know it. Subjects covered include Jewish ownership of global corporate media, the Rothschild empire and its influence on international affairs, and the concept of “crypto-Judaism,” among others.

Not only does the Marrs-Smith partnership present first-rate information, but it also represents an excellent example of the natural alliance — and unity of purpose — between Christian (Marrs) and secular-oriented (DBS) leaders of the growing anti-Zionist movement, belying recent efforts to split the movement into rival, religious vs. secular camps.

To download the file, from which a handful of significant quotes has been selected, READ MORE.

Other topics covered in the audio file include: the destruction of the Islamic caliphate early last century by clandestine Jewish/Freemasonic elements (under the guise of the “Young Turk” movement); the unholy association of Talmudic Judaism, Cabala and Freemasonry; Israeli false-flag operations, including the 9/11 attacks; the use of American military power to realize Zionist objectives; and, perhaps most importantly, the concept of “crypto-Judaism.”

On the latter topic, Smith says: “We can go across the country and there are literally hundreds if not thousands of crypto-Jews in public office in the United States, who have taken on non-Jewish names. They used the same tactic in Russia, where Russian Jews changed their names to more local-sounding names and placed themselves in control of the Bolsheviks. This is a standard MO of this group, which we see over and over again. They have no qualms about claiming to be Christian when they’re actually Jews working in the interests of Zionism.”

(Bear in mind that Smith, along with researcher and financial expert Mohamed Rafik, predicted the current global economic depression — step-by-step and in detail, providing specific and verifiable causes and effects — in the years and months leading up to the meltdown. Those files, from 2007 and 2008, can be found at The French Connection.)

Marrs also makes an important point when he asks why a people — who don’t appear to face any form of discrimination whatsoever, and who in fact dominate many of the most lucrative professions — would go to such lengths to conceal their historical roots (didn’t Hitler do that, too…?):

“Here in America, one’s ethnicity is a point of pride. And no one discriminates against Jews in America,” Marrs says, noting that — on the contrary — one’s career prospects are usually better if one is Jewish. He goes on to arrive at the logical conclusion that “they must therefore be doing something sinister, or they wouldn’t bother covering up their origins.”

Some of the political figures known to be crypto-Jews cited by Smith and Marrs include French President Nicolas Sarkozy; former US Secretary of State Madelyn Albright; former NATO commander Wesley Clark; US senator and democratic presidential nominee John Kerrey; former CIA Director George Tenet; and recently-appointed US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Smith is an avowed secularist; Marrs a non-denominational Christian pastor, who often sets the topics under discussion within the context of Christian scripture, namely, the Old and New Testaments. Halfway through the interview, Marrs breaks to promote Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s devastating “Synagogue of Satan” (the title of which is taken from the New Testament), which, if you haven’t read already, you can — and should — download HERE.

As stated above, the Marrs-Smith partnership provides an excellent example of the natural alliance — and unity of purpose — between Christian and secular-oriented leaders of the growing movement against Zionsism.

There are no doubt a number of die-hard humanists out there who would take issue with this alliance, accusing religion — and the religious — of being “part of the problem.” To such critics, I say this:

The enemy has always distinguished itself by attacking religion relentlessly, particularly Christianity and Islam — this is abundantly clear. Just watch any mainstream (i.e., Jewish-produced) television program or film made within the last ten years in which Christianity and Islam are routinely derided, religious symbols desecrated and religious values and traditions mocked.

And yet certain parties, while claiming to stand against the Zionist scourge, engage in precisely the same kind of religion-bashing as the enemy. Why? How, one wonders, does attacking Christianity and Islam move the anti-Zionist movement forward?

Answer: it doesn’t. If anything, it merely fractures the movement into religious vs. secular camps and saps attention and energy away from the primary threat: Talmudic-Jewish control of national governments, the mass media and global institutions, and the deliberate poisoning of populations worldwide.

(The exact same disinformation tactic, by the way, is employed in the reprehensible “Zeitgeist” film, which — while studiously avoiding any mention of Israeli involvement in 9/11 — spends its entire first part in a ridiculous attack on religion.)

In a word, there’s simply no time to waste on contrived infighting, a state of affairs that only serves the interests of the enemy. Therefore, anyone attempting to divide the movement in this way — as certain parties on the otherwise-excellent TIU forum have recently tried to do — should be viewed as idiots at best and, at worst, as saboteurs.

(That’s not to say that most modern religious institutions, Christian or Islamic, aren’t corrupt — Marrs would agree with that premise. That’s why he’s non-denominational, basing his worldview solely on biblical scripture, as opposed to the “traditions of men.” Isn’t it interesting that he, nevertheless, comes to the same conclusion about the “Synagogue of Satan” as the secular-minded Smith?)

With a new era of Internet regulation — and maybe even martial law — just around the corner, time is of the essence, so let’s not allow ourselves to be tricked into wasting time. As Smith says, “People have to learn these facts as if their lives depended on it — because their lives depend on it.” Or as Marrs puts it: “We have the authority — and the power — to destroy the works of the devil.”

So download the file (entitled “The Slithering Journey of the Oroboros Serpent”) HERE, give it a listen or two, then pass it on to every thinking person you know.

One Response to “Texe Marrs, DBS take the Jewish conspiracy apart at the joints”

  1. Faustidious Says:

    Absolutely right about Zeitgeist. The end of the latest version shows a man breaking free of his mentasl shackles by tearing the cross from his neck and letting it fall to the pavement… no similiar scene featuring a star of david is provided.

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