At the risk of incurring the wrath of those pushing the “Free Gaza” campaign, we’re going to say what no one else wants to admit: that up until this point, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has given the anti-Zionist movement absolutely nothing.

We believe that her current Gaza activity is a controlled-opposition operation aimed at giving her undeserved credibility within anti-Zionist circles and establishing her as a potential leader of the movement.

Instead of mobilizing our combined resources behind the theatre unfolding in the eastern Mediterranean, let’s instead strike them where they’re weakest: on Israel’s central role in the 9/11 attacks.

We propose a coordinated, 48-hour campaign beginning on July 2 at 6:00am GMT, with one objective and one objective only: to get the word out about the Zionist danger — with an emphasis on the real issues, especially 9/11 — to as many people as possible, in a single, coordinated blitzkrieg.

In her recent interviews, on both The Information Underground and The French Connection, McKinney utterly failed say anything that wasn’t thoroughly well-known to us already.

Granted, she admitted that 99 percent of the US congress does not serve US interests. But so what?

That both houses of the US legislature are completely controlled by Israel-firsters has been patently obvious for years: one simply has to look at the outrageously one-sided voting results on any congressional decision with a bearing on Israel; or, even better, read former congressman Paul Findley’s book — written all the way back in 1985“They Dare to Speak Out”.

Aside from this single admission — hastily seized upon as proof of her authenticity — McKinney hardly ever, if at all, used the words ‘Jewish’ or ‘Zionist’ to describe the criminal network that now wields total control over the US political system. Rather, she stuck to the same old euphemisms“certain groups” and “special interests” — without once naming names.

“These parties [Republican and Democrat] have been completely taken over by special interests,” McKinney says in her first interview with TIU’s Ognir on April 30. “Now is the time for those of us who are not tied to these special interests to step forward.”

Come on, Cynthia — how can we “step forward” against them when we can’t even call them by name?

It was on 9/11, though, that McKinney most revealed her true colors. Besides repeating unhelpful mantras (“the American people haven’t been told the truth”), she never once mentioned the obvious culprit, the Israeli Mossad (working in tandem with Zionist agents inside the US government and intelligence agencies), despite the mountains of evidence that support this conclusion.

(In fact, while calling for an independent investigation of the attacks, she never even stated decisively that 9/11 was a false-flag operation, let alone an Israeli-directed one.)

Let’s face it: by the standards that have been rigorously applied to all other would-be ‘truth-tellers’ — from liars Ralph Nader to Noam Chomsky to Alex Jones — McKinney completely failed to deliver on all the most pressing issues.

Those issues include: Zionist infiltration and control not only of the three branches of US government, but also infiltration of global media, financial, academic and medical institutions; the illegitimacy and criminality of the Jewish garrison-state of Israel, including Israel’s historical use of false-flag terror operations such as the 1967 attack against the USS Liberty and 9/11; and — the mother of all red lines — the truth behind recent historical events, especially as it pertains to the Second World War.

That’s the “pure play” — and at this late date, nothing less will suffice.

While McKinney admits the criminality of Israel’s policies vis-à-vis the Palestinians (another fact glaringly obvious for decades), she totally avoids the rest — the core, red-line issues — like the plague.

(It should be added that we have nothing against McKinney personally. In fact, we were, until recently, avid supporters of the congresswoman based on her earlier public statements on 9/11 and other issues. It was only with the greatest disappointment that we heard her meticulously avoid these core issues in her recent appearances.)

We are extremely sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza, who continue to suffer under a three-year-old internationally sanctioned embargo because of their choice to democratically elect resistance faction Hamas. We entirely support the Palestinian resistance against the criminal garrison-state of Israel, armed or otherwise.

But the “Free Gaza” campaign, for which McKinney has become a spokesperson, is a controlled-opposition op. They’re setting McKinney up to become America’s answer to the UK’s George Galloway — who, it should be remembered, led a similar, highly-publicized Gaza campaign earlier this year (no doubt to maintain his anti-Zionist credibility).

If McKinney wants to lead the growing anti-Zionist movement, or become a spokesperson for it, she has to give us much, much more. She has to broach the above red-line issues head-on, without reservation or recourse to euphemism.

Otherwise, if we’re not careful, we’ll end up giving her undeserved credibility within the movement — while getting absolutely nothing in return.

(Such a misstep would make us vulnerable to one of two possible damaging scenarios: McKinney could, in future, make outlandish public statements aimed at discrediting the entire movement; or she could end up Ron Pauling us, i.e., letting us down at a decisive moment by abruptly backtracking on earlier positions.)

Remember: the root cause of Palestinian suffering is Zionist control not just of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, but of national governments and ‘multilateral’ institutions like the UN — everything else is just diversion.


So instead of mobilizing our combined resources behind the theatre unfolding in the eastern Mediterranean, let’s strike them where the weakest: on Israel’s central role in the 9/11 attacks.

Tens of thousands of us — if not hundreds of thousands — have woken up to the Zionist threat. With these numbers, we now have the resources to mount an online awareness campaign capable of delivering a potentially mortal blow.

Therefore, we propose a coordinated, 48-hour campaign beginning on July 2 at 6:00am GMT, with one objective and one objective only: to get the word out about the Zionist danger — with an emphasis on the real issues, especially 9/11 — to as many people as possible, in a single, coordinated blitzkrieg.

(The 9/11 issue is of double importance now, because it looks like they are preparing to let the 9/11 crimes go public in a ‘controlled burn’ operation intended to focus blame solely on Bush/Cheney. We have the ability to preempt this, however, by raising sufficient levels of awarenessright now — about Israel’s central role in the attacks.)

By way of recent example:

Earlier this month, the 800lb. Gorilla managed — with extremely limited resources — to get the word out about phony ‘Al-Qaeda’ spokesman Adam Ghadan (see “It’s official: Al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Ghadan is scion of Jewish ADL”) to tens of thousands of people within a 36-hour period.

Not that the information wasn’t already available — we just summarized it, provided links to mainstream news sources and sent the story out to more than 1500 email addresses, including public officials, law enforcement agencies and media organizations mainstream and alternative, among others.

The mini-campaign resulted in an unexpected number of responses (although most were form letters) and an unprecedented number of article reads (7000 within the first 24 hours and still climbing) on the site. It was also quickly trackbacked on a number of high-profile ‘alternative’ websites, including rense.com, whatreallyhappened.com and — ironically — Ron Paul’s official website. It even appeared — almost instantly — in a French translation (below).http://korbo.info/?p=2055

In short, ADL liar Adam Pearlman received a thorough outing across the Internet — one from which he will not likely recover soon.

(The excellent ‘Israel did 9/11’ document by ZionCrimeFactory did even better. After being initially posted on Rense.com in early May, the latest Google search for the document yields results in the thousands.)

The point is, if we managed to generate this level of awareness with one day of work and with extremely few resources, imagine the blow that could be delivered if every one of us in the online anti-Zionist movement mobilized at the exact same time.


Such a move will require effort. Everyone must be prepared to camp out at their computers for a sustained 48-hour period. But if there was ever a good reason to take a day or two off, this is it.

We’ll probably have only one chance to mount a serious campaign, so we have to do it right. In order to achieve the desired effect, such a campaign requires two absolutely fundamental elements, the importance of which cannot be overstated. One is timing, the other focus.

Firstly, timing. The enemy is no doubt monitoring, or at least attempting to monitor, all communications within the legitimate (i.e., uncompromised) online anti-Zionist movement. That means that as soon as the call for simultaneous, collective action goes out, they will begin taking steps to preempt it.

It is impossible to predict exactly what those steps will be. However, given the potential threat such an action would represent to them, it could very well involve blocking local communications or neutralizing websites.

(This is, if fact, precisely what happened to us when we mass emailed the Adam Ghadan story. Only the first ten percent of our mails were successfully sent, with the latter 90 percent eventually generating delivery-failure notices. Someone, somewhere quickly ascertained what was going on and took steps to prevent the bulk of mails from being delivered.)

Therefore, the campaign must be as coordinated as possible. Everyone involved, whatever country they’re in, must be prepared to commence operations at roughly the same time, keeping in mind time-zone differences.

Secondly, focus. Along with being simultaneous, the attack must hone in on their weakest links — chiefly, evidence of Israel’s leading role in 9/11 — and hammer them without mercy.

There’s no time for ambiguous, McKinney-like euphemisms about the control exerted by ‘certain groups’ and ‘special interests.’ We have to go for the jugular, and we have to do it now.

We recommend sticking to choice documents as opposed to much, much heavier audio and video files. Documents can be easily sent via email, while audio and video files are easily shut down at the source, as often happens on YouTube.

Here are some of the few pure play sources that we can recommend:



·        ‘Israel did 9/11’

·        ‘9/11 Evil’ by Victor Thorn

·        The Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock



·        BBC reveals Zionist “War Party”

·        Charles Giuliani teaches Zionism 101

·        Six Jewish companies own 96% of world media

·        Texe Marrs: The fix is in — Jews rule America

·        Marrs on Jewish ownership of Hollywood, media

·        Chicago Jews call Obama “first Jewish president”

·        Mossad’s 9/11 at:

Links to websites, blogs:

TFC , TIU, Marrs, revisionisthistory.org, Henry Makow, and Christopher Bollyn

The above are only recommendations. Feel free to send/post any other relevant documents or links you see fit. But remember: it is essential to stay on target; keep it focused on the above-mentioned core issues. We’ll lose potential converts if we dilute the message with side issues.

Where to send it:

National military, law enforcement agencies

Media institutions, mainstream and alternative

Academic, scientific institutions

Businesses (especially small-to-medium sized ones)

Multilateral institutions

Novelty sites (high-traffic gaming, entertainment sites)

For bulk emailing, we recommend using sendmail on a BSD Unix box with an email-list manager, which we have found to be the fastest and most reliable means of sending emails out in mass quantities.

Our campaign should not, however, be limited to email. Websites and blogs — the higher the exposure, the better — should also be riddled with posts containing the same information.

For posting, we recommend public forums devoted to political issues, along with ‘mainstream’ (i.e., compromised) ‘9/11 truth’ websites. But we shouldn’t stop there — if we can mobilize only 10,000 people to participate, we could potentially saturate thousands of major websites with the truth.

There are a number of additional means of delivery, along with email and posts online, that can be utilized. These include public chat networks, Twitter, and even fax and telephone. Don’t hesitate to use these means, too, to get the word out.

If you’re bilingual, you would probably best serve the cause by translating relevant documents and mailing/posting them to/at similar forums in other languages. By this simple act alone, one could potentially open up enormous new veins of awareness outside the English-speaking world.

Finally, be sure to keep all responses you receive, personal (in a best-case scenario) or automated. These can later serve as evidence that the recipients, be they individuals or institutions, were officially informed of the facts.

What not to do:

The global anti-Zionist movement does not condone racism. Nor does it condone violence against anyone not involved in criminality, be they Jewish or otherwise. As Daryl Bradford Smith has said from the beginning, this movement targets criminals.

So don’t include anything that could be deemed racist or ‘anti-Semitic’. After all, this is exactly what they want: to equate criticism of Zionism or Talmudic Judaism with racial hatred.

Bad language should not be used in general, and certainly not while you’re trying to inform the public of a clear and present danger. We’re all angry, but bad language — even within the context of intelligent discourse — tends to alienate the many good people we want fighting with us.

Finally, let’s not allow personal animosities to thwart our campaign — the stakes are way, way too high not to work together. In order to achieve our desired effect, everyone in the movement has to participate.

Of course, that’s not to say that the traitors in our midst won’t try to stop us. In fact, our campaign might even force some of them into showing their hand.


Every interview and audio file devoted to the subject of criminal Zionism ends with the same question: “What can we do about it?” Here’s a chance for us to do something — all of together, at exactly the same time — and bring the fight to the enemy.

We’ve been on the defensive for too long; in danger of becoming little more than spectators to this unfolding global catastrophe. So let’s hit them hard — right now — and level out the playing field.

What will come afterwards is anyone’s guess. In their worst-case-scenario, they might be prepared to shut down the Internet altogether; or use our campaign as an excuse to launch Internet2. Irregardless, a bold strike like the one proposed here can be expected to force their hand and multiply the chance for error on their part.

(Remember: the more pressure we apply — on the real issues — the more slip-ups they’ll make. We even suspect that ‘Al-Qaeda spokesman’ Adam Ghadan’s recent acknowledgement of his Jewish ancestry came as a direct response to the ubiquity online of the ‘Israel did 9/11’ document.)

Ultimately, the only alternative is sitting back; sitting back and letting them neutralize us one by one — on their terms and at their convenience. A website here, an alternative radio there…until there’s no one left telling the truth.

A combination of fortunate circumstances — not least of which being the enemy’s own arrogance — has already put them in the crosshairs.

Now it’s time, for the love of all things good, to pull the trigger.


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