The ‘Free Gaza’ affair has come to a close after McKinney’s dramatic seizure and incarceration by Israeli forces and she is currently awaiting deportation.

And what have the besieged Palestinians of Gaza gained?

Sure, Israel got some bad press. But not nearly as much as they got during the January assault on the Gaza Strip — and what’s happened since then?

Any intelligent reading of the situation will reveal that the Palestinians are, in actuality, worse off than they were before. Because, while the ‘alternative’ media focused attention on McKinney’s standoff with the Israeli navy, the Israeli government announced the largest seizure of Palestinian land in more than 40 years — a development of far, far greater consequence to the Palestinian people than whether or not a small consignment of humanitarian aid got into Gaza.

Cynthia, though, made out just fine: although she failed in her mission to Gaza, she has reaped considerable ‘street cred,’ or popular credibility, within the growing anti-Zionist movement — without once publicly conceding any of the movement’s core grievances. Those grievances, to name only a few, include the following: that Zionist control of the US government extends far, far beyond AIPAC; that 9/11 was an Israeli/Zionist false-flag op; and that certain historical events, particularly those surrounding World War Two, continue to be ‘off limits’ to academic research and public debate.

So now that the ‘Free Gaza’ campaign is over, without accruing any gains to the Palestinians whatsoever, we’re hoping you will join us in an act of genuine opposition, one that actually has a chance at changing the status quo for the better — for the Palestinians and for the world in general.

The ‘Free Gaza’ campaign is theatre. The fact that it is being hyped by well-known disinformation agents, including Jeff Rense, Alex Jones and the RBN Network, only confirms this.

We’ve been watching the enemy too long now not to know controlled opposition when we see it. It is unfortunate that the same can’t be said of the majority of self-proclaimed anti-Zionists, though, who appear to be swallowing it hook, line and sinker — when they should know better.

Therefore, as stated earlier, we propose a coordinated campaign over the next two days with one objective and one objective only: to get the word out about the Zionist danger — with an emphasis on the real issues, especially 9/11 — to as many people as possible in a single, coordinated online awareness campaign.

For the next 48 hours, therefore, we’re going to pound away, regardless of the support we get from the rest of the online anti-Zionist community. We plan to post all responses we receive — on various alternative forums, including TiU — in hopes of encouraging maximum participation.

With only 100 dedicated people working with us, we could really set the enemy scrambling to control the damage. With a thousand, we could make history.

If you really want to bring relief to the long-suffering people of Palestine, we have to attack the root causes of that suffering. And those root causes are to found in the world’s political and economic power centers now thoroughly controlled by Zionists – not on the shores of the Gaza Strip.

As for those who don’t endorse this action, we’ll have no choice but to draw our own conclusions about your fidelity to the cause. Because whether you support McKinney or not, there is absolutely no intelligent reason not to participate in this if you’re serious about taking the fight to the enemy.

So drop what you’re doing, start putting together an arsenal of truth, and get ready to open fire — no matter where you are — at roughly 6:00am GMT. Thank you and best of luck, and we’ll keep you informed of our progress.


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