An Open Letter to DBS (An urgent appeal for the pure play)

RC Brigades

Greetings, Daryl

The 800lb Gorilla completely supports your message, which has maintained an admirable consistency over the years despite adverse and often confusing circumstances. You’re one of the few truth-tellers out there to get at the root of the Zionist problem, while rightly maintaining that not all Jews are involved in the conspiracy.

Unfortunately, few others out there are able, or willing, to stay on target. Aside from you, Rafiq, Texe Marrs, Ognir and a handful of others, the rest — either through ignorance or ill-intention — are consistently tripped up by side issues of little or no real consequence.

We assumed that the online anti-Zionist movement, of which you have become a prominent leader, agreed unanimously vis-à-vis the most pressing issues. While the criminality (even illegitimacy) of the garrison-state of Israel constitutes a major plank of our platform, that platform must also acknowledge the following:

Zionist control of most, if not all, national governments, world financial bodies, global media and academic institutions; Israel’s central role in the 9/11 false-flag attacks (and its long history of false-flag ops); and our basic right to research and debate historical events, especially as they pertain to World War Two.

In fact, a ‘movement’ isn’t really a movement in the true sense of the word unless its members can agree on a core set of principles. Anything else amounts to little more than a glorified chat room.

We assumed those core principles would be obvious by now to most of those in the movement. And we also assumed that anyone with a pretense of speaking for the movement would be prepared to state those principles publicly — which McKinney most certainly did not.

We just listened to her recent interviews again. In reality, she didn’t go much further, if at all, than former Congressman Paul Findley did in his recent interview with you. And although Findley disappointed us (badly) on 9/11, he actually went further than McKinney on the extent of Zionist control of the US government:

“There is no question whatever as to whether the state of Israel has dominated our entire society… from coast to coast and from border to border,” Findley said. “It is also true that throughout our political system, the operations of the congress, the Department of Defense, the State Department… all of the areas of government which touch in any way Middle East policy are simply dominated by those who serve the state of Israel… The facts are plain that our entire nation is under the thumb of those whose interests in the state of Israel [surmount?] their interests in the United States, and that’s why we aren’t able to get a fair report over the major news media outlets. We don’t get fair treatment even in the higher education system…”

But whereas Findley is rightly criticized for not going far enough on 9/11, McKinney — who hardly went any further — is now being feted as a leader of the movement. Why isn’t McKinney held up to the same high standards as Findley?

As for what actions can be taken to resist Israel’s influence over congress, McKinney naively suggested simply voting the Israel-firsters out of office. She also appealed to the public to take steps aimed at pressuring the Obama administration not to sign new bills granting more US aid to Israel. Knowing what we do about ZioBama , does this sound like a realistic recipe for success? (Although you rightly pointed out that a White House run by Irgun scion Rahm Emanuel stood little chance of ever seriously defying Israel.)

We would like to believe that McKinney is on the level. We really would. But the whole thing smells too much like controlled opposition — an odor we assumed more self-proclaimed anti-Zionists would be able to recognize by now.

Another thing to consider: Many in the growing movement appear to have a relatively poor understanding of the Middle East situation. We, by contrast, have lived in the region for more than ten years (not in Israel!) while paying close attention to events.

And we can assure you: the long-suffering Palestinians, living under a brutal and totally illegitimate Israeli occupation for more than 60 years, are no strangers to controlled opposition, a Zionist specialty. In fact, the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority itself, headed by Zionist stooge Mahmoud Abbas , is nothing more than one big Israeli/US-financed controlled-opposition op.

The Palestinians are jaded, and hardly pinning their hopes to a former US congresswoman, no matter how many crayons she brings. Most would probably say that the only real resistance to Israel is the armed resistance led by Hamas, which won an outright majority in democratically-held parliamentary elections in 2006 — to which the Israelis responded by establishing an internationally-sanctioned embargo on the entire Gaza Strip. (The question we should be asking, therefore, is how this tiny garrison state could mobilize an international siege — with the blessings of the UN — on a neighboring territory).

The embattled people of Palestine would much prefer that the world be informed of the true facts of 9/11: that the attacks were the work of Israelis and Zionists rather than that of ‘fanatical Muslims’ with an irrational hatred for the west. So, by the way, would most Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis and Somalis, who are currently being killed by the hundreds and thousands by Zionist-controlled western armies as a direct result of the insidious 9/11 lie.

Compared to this, McKinney and the ‘Free Gaza’ campaign pale into insignificance. If self-proclaimed anti-Zionists really can’t see this by now, then their support is, in any case, of questionable value.

The TiU-led ‘Free Gaza’ awareness campaign — which should have been about 9/11 and Zionist infiltration of governments, etc., in addition to Israeli criminality — was quickly transformed into a “Free Cynthia” campaign. It’s not even about the Palestinians anymore.

But then, that was the plan from the very beginning: to direct the organizational energies developing on the forum towards a relatively tame and innocuous side issue.

We must attack the roots of the problem, i.e., the core issues mentioned above. Anything else is mere theater. Anyone who has been listening to your show for the last couple years should know that.

What exactly is McKinney’s overriding objective, anyway? Is it simply the delivery of humanitarian supplies to Gaza? Is it an attempt to embarrass Israel in world opinion? Or is it to inspire others to follow her example?

And has she really succeeded in any of these?

As stated earlier, the Palestinians are, in actuality, worse off than they were before. Because while the ‘Free Gaza’ campaign was capturing the imaginations of Alex Jones, Rense and TiU, the Israelis announced the biggest single confiscation of Palestinian land in over 40 years— a development that received comparatively little attention in both the mainstream and alternative media.

(By way of quick comparison: check the results on Google News for ‘Cynthia McKinney, Gaza’ HERE , where you’ll find numerous reports by the ‘mainstream’ media, led by FOX News. Now check the results for ‘Israel land seizure’ HERE . Which story received more coverage?)

Some on the forum have accused us of being ‘agents’ of the enemy. This is absurd, and strongly suggests ulterior motives. How can we be accused of being agents when we’re simply asking to take our most effective weapon — evidence of Israel’s leading role in 9/11 — and use it?

We’re not trying to divide the movement; we’re simply trying to correct it by not letting it get hijacked by what we know to be more Zionist show business.

Isn’t that the TiU forum’s raison d’etre, anyway? Shouldn’t members be working together to try to separate fact from Zionist fiction? Instead, the forum is in danger of becoming little more than an echo chamber, where independent thought is discouraged and even ridiculed — which, by the way, is the defining characteristic of the Zionist-run ‘mainstream’ media.

We trust Ognir implicitly, but we fear that many members of the forum are surreptitiously working for the enemy.

It only stands to assume: any new forum devoted to the issue of fighting Zionism is bound to attract sayanim like stink on doo-doo. First they established a little credibility, then quickly attempted to steer the forum in the direction they wanted: towards an innocuous ‘Free Gaza’ campaign and away from the serious, knock-out issues mentioned above.

You can easily spot them now. Not only do their arguments lack logic and consistency, but note how aggressively they attack anyone offering an alternative viewpoint (reminding one of the monkeys featured recently on your site).

Also, note how they choose to express themselves using copious cursing and bad language. They just can’t seem to keep civil tongues in their heads, despite being told that such language can be detrimental to the movement’s cohesion. We’ve found such behavior to be typical of the enemy.

Daryl, you haven’t fallen for their tricks so far, and we’re sure you won’t start now. We’re counting on you — and the others out there still in possession of their critical faculties — to bring it back to the pure play.


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