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Ed Miliband beats out brother to become UK Labor Party’s first Jewish leader

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The Jewish Chronicle; September 26, 2010

Ed Miliband has become the first Jewish leader of the Labor party.

The 40-year-old former Energy Secretary, who is MP for Doncaster North, triumphed with just a 1.3 percent lead over his elder brother David in the fourth round of the vote.

David Miliband had the backing of several Jewish MPs, including Liverpool Riverside’s Louise Ellman and Leeds North East MP Fabian Hamilton.

However the former director of the Labor Friends of Israel and newly elected Liverpool Wavertree MP Luciana Berger put Ed as her first preference.

The brothers, who grew up in north London, are the sons of the late Marxist theoretician Ralph Miliband, a Belgian-Jewish refugee from the Nazis, and his Polish-born Jewish wife, Marion Kozak.

Although Labor has never had a Jewish leader before, 19th century Conservative prime minister Benjamin Disraeli was born Jewish.

In 2005 the Conservatives, led by Jewish politician Michael Howard, lost to Labor in the general election.

Meanwhile, the woman hoping to become London’s first Jewish mayoral candidate had less success. Oona King lost to Ken Livingstone, meaning that the former mayor will once more take on Boris Johnson in May 2012.

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Ed Miliband to lead Britain’s Labor Party
Jewish Telegraphic Agency; September 26, 2010

Ed Miliband, a Jewish minister, narrowly defeated his brother in a vote to head Britain’s opposition Labor Party.

Miliband edged his older brother, David, in the party vote Saturday. Former party leader Gordon Brown had resigned as prime minister in May following a poor showing in elections that ousted Labor from power.

The Miliband brothers are the sons of Jewish immigrants to Britain. The Milibands lost about 80 family members during the Holocaust, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The Milibands’ mother is Polish-born Marion Kozek, a leading member of the Jews for Justice for Palestinians group, according to Haaretz. Their late father was Belgian-born Marxist intellectual Ralph Miliband.

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Miliband brothers plan to contest UK Labor Party leadership
Jerusalem Post (Israel); May 12, 2010

LONDON — The Miliband brothers are set to contest the Labor leadership following British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s announcement on Monday that he will step down as leader by September.

Foreign Minister David Miliband and his younger brother, Climate Secretary Ed, will both run for party leader, the first contest in 16 years, along with Schools Minister Ed Balls, Home Secretary Alan Johnson and Deputy Leader Harriet Harman.

The Milibands’ mother is Polish-born Marion Kozak, who is a signatory of the Jews for Justice for Palestinians organization, and their late father was the Belgian-born Marxist intellectual Ralph Miliband.

The Milibands lost 80 family members during the Holocaust, many in Auschwitz.

“I am a child of Jewish immigrants and that is a very important part of my identity,” David said in a 2006 Jewish Chronicle article.

In a CNN interview in 2009, he said he grew up in a secular setting and described himself as an atheist with a “huge respect” for people of faith.

Educated at Oxford University and MIT, David, 44, first came into prominence when he was made former prime minister Tony Blair’s head of policy in 1994. After rising rapidly through the ranks, he was made foreign minister in 2007.

During the Second Lebanon War, he reportedly told then-prime minister Tony Blair that he needed to speak out against the war.

During Operation Cast Lead he called for Israeli airstrikes to stop because they “fuel radicalism,” but also condemned the Hamas attacks on Israel.

Following the Gaza conflict, David announced in parliament that Britain would be reviewing existing arms export licenses. As a result of the review, in which the government looked at 182 licenses, the Foreign Office declared that Israel had contravened their criteria in a small number of cases during the conflict. Only five were canceled, said to be equipment and parts for the Sa’ar gunship.

Last December, David was rebuked by Israel after announcing that Britain should resume contacts with Hizbullah in an attempt to persuade the terrorist group to renounce its campaign of violence against Israel.

In an interview with Beirut newspaper the Daily Star, he said he believed “carefully considered contact with Hizbullah’s politicians, including its MPs, will best advance our objective of the group rejecting violence to play a constructive role in Lebanese politics.”

David played a prominent role in the Dubai passport affair earlier this year. In a statement in Parliament he announced the decision to expel an Israeli diplomat following the scandal and issued a public warning against travel to Israel, citing identity theft concerns.
In March, he told the Times that Israel “obviously doesn’t agree” with his repeated calls for a settlement freeze but stated his belief that settlements were not the root cause of terrorism.

“It’s foolish to think that if you resolved the Palestinian issue, al-Qaeda would disappear,” he said. “Equally, the corrosive effect of the absence of a Palestinian state is very real.”

He has also worked towards changing the universal jurisdiction law, used by activists to arrest Israeli dignitaries on “war crime” charges when they visit the UK.

Following the decision by Kadima leader Tzipi Livni to cancel a visit to the UK last December after she was threatened by such action, David Miliband expressed his “shock” at the arrest warrant, saying it was “completely unacceptable,” and vowed to work immediately to ensure that a similar incident would not recur.

“The procedure by which arrest warrants can be sought and issued without any prior knowledge or advice by a prosecutor is an unusual feature of the system in England and Wales. The government is looking urgently at ways in which the UK system might be changed in order to avoid this sort of situation arising again,” he said at the time.

Educated at Oxford and LSE, Ed Miliband, 40, was appointed a special advisor to Prime Minister Gordon Brown after Labor’s election victory in 1997. Rising steadily through the ranks, he was made secretary of state in the newly created Department of Energy and Climate Change in 2008.

The younger Miliband is described as a better public speaker and more fluent in television appearances than his older brother, and is also politically to his left.

During a visit to Poland last year, David visited Warsaw’s Jewish cemetery, where members of his family are buried, and thanked the country for saving his mother’s life during the Holocaust.

“My mother was born here, her life was saved by those who risked theirs by sheltering her from Nazi oppression,” he said.

David is the favorite to replace Brown as party leader, with the process taking a number of months.

Candidates need a nomination of 12.5 percent — 33 MPs — of the parliamentary party to mount a bid for party leader. Then Labor MPs, MEPs and affiliated organizations and activists, including trade unions, cast a vote.

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Pakistani ‘terror’ convict: ‘I have proof Israel masterminded 9/11…big wars are being planned’

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‘Judge throws book at Pakistani plotter’

The New York Post; September 24, 2010

[The following article, written by Bruce Golding for the contemptible Zionist rag The New York Post, is typically laden with half-truths, exaggerations and flagrant bias. Siddiqui’s reported statements about Israel’s central role in the 9/11 attacks, however, are not without relevance — 800]

Reputed al-Qaeda associate Aafia Siddiqui was sentenced to 86 years in prison yesterday for trying to kill American personnel after getting busted in Afghanistan carrying two pounds of poison and plans to attack New York City.

But the MIT-educated neuroscientist — and wife of accused 9/11 plotter Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali — took her punishment in stride, urging her supporters to “forgive everybody in my case, please.”

“This may shock the Muslims, and I don’t mean disrespect . . . but I do love America, too, and there is no harm,” she said during a marathon, three-plus hour hearing in Manhattan federal court.

The 38-year-old, petite Pakistani spouted bizarre theories about how one of her jailers was plotting against America and how terrorists posing as Hispanics could be exposed through DNA testing.

“I have very credible information that I have been desperately trying to give to the FBI, but they won’t let me,” she said during one of several rambling, and disjointed statements.

Siddiqui — who tried to bar jurors with “Zionist or Israeli background” from her trial — repeated her claims that the Jewish state was behind the 9/11 terror attacks.

“I’m not anti-Israel, but, yes, I have said that they masterminded 9/11, and I have proof of that. Now I am saying that there are attacks being planned against America, big wars being planned, and they are involved in it,” she said.

She also repeatedly shook her head, rolled her eyes, waved her index finger and threw her hands up in the air at suggestions that she’s schizophrenic or otherwise unhinged.

“No, I am not mentally sick, schizophrenia. Excuse me. No way on earth,” she said.

Defense lawyer Dawn Cardi urged a sentence of no more than 12 years, insisting that Siddiqui “suffers from diminished capacity, and that is clear.”

“I ask the world to read what she’s written. It is incoherent . . . It is the writing of a woman who is mentally ill,” Cardi said.

Prosecutor Christopher LaVigne urged a maximum life sentence plus 10 years, saying “a catastrophe was averted” when Siddiqui was shot after grabbing an automatic rifle and opening fire inside an Afghan police compound in July 2008.

Judge Richard Berman — who called Siddiqui an “enigma” while reciting a lengthy history of her case — said the need for “significant incarceration” was “completely obvious and, indeed, compelled.”

Socialist agitator Sara Flounders, of the International Action Center, shouted, “Shame! Shame! Shame on this court!” after Berman announced the sentence, then led a band of marchers in chants outside the courthouse.

Angry demonstrations also erupted in Pakistan, where protesters shouted, “Down with America!” and threw shoes at a picture of President Obama, The Associated Press reported.

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In Egypt, 9/11 questions linger (not least about the role of Israel)

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Al-Masry Al-Youm (Egypt); September 12, 2010

In the Muslim world, the nine years since the 9/11 attacks in New York City and Washington DC have seen wars waged, populations displaced and regimes changed. This year, the congregation of a Florida church had planned to mark the attacks’ anniversary by publicly burning copies of the Koran, before canceling the event at the last minute following an international outcry.

But in Egypt–as in the US itself–analysts continue to question the official US government account of 9/11, with many increasingly convinced the attacks were an “inside job” intended to justify subsequent US-led wars in Central Asia and the Middle East.

“Evidence to emerge since 9/11 points to a degree of foreknowledge of the attacks among US security agencies–along with others, perhaps–if not downright complicity,” Diaa Rashwan, senior analyst at the semi-official Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, told Al-Masry Al-Youm.

For one, critics of the official story continue to question how US air defenses–especially in and around the US capital–could have failed so egregiously on the morning of 11 September, 2001. They remain unconvinced by the findings of the official US 9/11 Commission, which, in its seminal 2004 report on the attacks, attributed the massive security failure on that day to a series of unlikely blunders on the part of US federal agencies.

“Until now, this remains the overriding question. Why didn’t the US military make any serious effort to thwart the attacks?” Rashwan asked. “A full hour and a half after the first tower was hit, a civilian plane allegedly managed to fly into the pentagon–the epicenter of American military power–without encountering any resistance whatsoever. This is inconceivable.”

“In nine years, virtually no evidence has been released–photographic or otherwise–that the pentagon was even hit by a plane,” added Rashwan.

Skeptics also point to the strange circumstances surrounding the collapse of the three skyscrapers in New York City–the iconic twin towers along with the 47-story World Trade Center (WTC) 7, which was not even struck by a plane–as further evidence of foul play.

“Numerous respected structural engineers in America have attested to the fact that the twin towers could not possibly have been brought down by the planes alone,” said Rashwan. “WTC 7, meanwhile, fell in such a way that could only have been the result of a controlled demolition.”

Hamdi Hassan, a parliamentary representative for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood opposition movement, is no less dubious about the US government’s official version of events.

“The collapse of WTC 7 and the absence of any evidence of a plane hitting the pentagon, coupled with the conspicuous lack of any serious investigation into either of these issues, strongly suggest that the official story is a fabrication,” Hassan told Al-Masry Al-Youm.

In August 2008, US federal investigators released a report attributing WTC 7’s collapse to a few scattered fires that had broken out on some floors of the building as a result of falling debris from the nearby towers. While claiming to refute so-called conspiracy theories regarding the collapse of the structure–which fell neatly into its own footprint some eight hours after the twin towers came down–the report nevertheless admits the event represented the first time in history for a steel-reinforced building to collapse due solely to fire.

Critics of the official account of 9/11 also continue to question the role of the elusive Osama Bin Laden–and the “al-Qaeda” terrorist network he is said to lead–in the events of 11 September.

In the immediate wake of the attacks, Bin Laden, in a series of videotaped messages, denied any involvement. But in December 2001, the Pentagon released footage that it said depicted the alleged al-Qaeda leader discussing details of the operation with colleagues in Kandahar. “We calculated in advance the number of casualties… based on the position of the tower,” he says at one point, going on to note that the death toll had surpassed expectations.

Although the video was hailed by the media as definitive proof that Bin Laden–who remains at large until this day–was behind the attacks, many 9/11 skeptics remain unconvinced.

“No Arab or Muslim nation or group has the technical capacity to carry out an attack of such sophistication, which required a level of operational planning only found in the intelligence services of advanced nations,” said Hassan. “The so-called ‘evidence’ implicating Bin Laden and the 19 Arab hijackers, the latter of which included a passport found in the rubble of the WTC and Korans left at airports, is laughable.”

Supporters of the official US government line, for their part, point to a handful of additional video recordings to have emerged in recent years as proof of al-Qaeda’s culpability.

In September 2006, Arabic-language news channel Al Jazeera aired footage–said to have been taken before the attacks–showing Bin Laden in Afghanistan in the company of some of the alleged hijackers, including Ramzi Binalshibh. Otherwise known as the “twentieth hijacker,” Binalshibh was captured by the US in 2002 and is currently being held at Guantanamo Bay.

And in March 2007, Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, a Pakistani al-Qaeda member described by the official 9/11 Commission Report as the “principal architect” of the attacks, pled guilty to masterminding the operation before a US military tribunal. Skeptics, however, question the sincerity of the confession, which was made after four years in captivity–including six months of detention and alleged torture at Guantanamo Bay.

According to Gamal Mazloum, retired major-general and expert on geo-strategy and defense issues, the attacks could not have been executed by the kind of rag-tag guerrillas portrayed in the videotapes. “The 9/11 operation was carried out by people with access to the highest levels of planning, training and technology,” he said, “not a loose group or nebulous organization, but an advanced country.”

Besides a handful of snippets of grainy video footage, said Rashwan, “not a single bit of hard evidence has been produced within the last nine years implicating Bin Laden in the attacks.” Rashwan, an authority on Islamic movements, went on to point out that the behavior of the alleged hijackers–who reportedly drank alcohol and frequented strip-clubs in the days before 9/11–“was not that of Muslims preparing for a martyrdom operation.”

Skeptics further point to the notable absence of any criminal investigation, even though the attacks–which resulted in the death of almost 3000 people–constituted the single biggest mass murder in US history.

“What happened on 9/11 was a criminal act, not a political one, and therefore requires certain legal procedures, such as collection of evidence, questioning of suspects, and a trial before an independent court,” said Rashwan. “But since 9/11, none of this has happened, with the exception of a closed military trial of suspects held at Guantanamo Bay.”

As for motive, say Egyptian critics, this is obvious: the attacks were meant to furnish neo-conservative hawks in the George W. Bush administration with an excuse to invade and occupy energy-rich regions of Central Asia and the Middle East–a view largely borne out by subsequent events.

“9/11 was fabricated to justify the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq,” Mazloum told Al-Masry Al-Youm. “In the years since the attacks, the US has used the ‘al-Qaeda’ threat to build a new world order in which it controls all energy resources and has troops deployed across the globe, particularly in the Middle East and Muslim world.”

A report issued in September, 2000 by the Project for the New American Century, a Washington-based neo-conservative think-tank, explicitly stated that US geopolitical ambitions might be expedited by “some catastrophic and catalyzing event [in the US]–like a new Pearl Harbor.”

According to Rashwan, the 9/11 attacks were “instrumental” in convincing the US public that it was under threat from militant Islam. “They attacked Afghanistan for harboring Bin Laden, and two years later used the same excuse–Saddam Hussein’s alleged links with al-Qaeda–to mobilize public opinion against Iraq,” he said.

Hassan agreed, saying the attacks were intended to incite American sentiment against Islam in advance of a broad military campaign–on multiple fronts–against the Muslim world.

“The Muslim Brotherhood condemned the 9/11 crime the day it happened, and continues to do so,” he said. “Nevertheless, the US government has exploited the event to convince its public that Arabs and Muslims somehow represent a threat.”

Some Egyptian analysts also point to evidence of an Israeli role in the attacks–an issue that has become the subject of fierce debate on numerous internet forums devoted to researching 9/11.

Proponents of an Israeli connection note that five Israelis with intelligence backgrounds were arrested by New York police for “puzzling behavior” after being caught videotaping the first attack on the WTC while “shouting in what was interpreted as cries of joy and mockery,” as reported by Israeli daily Haaretz on 17 September, 2001. Several weeks later, they were quietly sent back to Israel without any explanation from US authorities.

Remarkably, during a subsequent interview on an Israeli television talk show, one of the five men admitted: “Our purpose [in New York City on 9/11] was to document the event.”

A further indication of possible Israeli foreknowledge and/or complicity, say skeptics, is the fact that more than 200 Israeli intelligence operatives–some of whom had reportedly lived next door to the alleged Arab hijackers–were arrested throughout the US in the months before and after the attacks. Although otherwise ignored by the mainstream media, the story was reported by the US Fox television network in a December, 2001 news report.

“The 9/11 tragedy was a conspiracy perpetrated by the Israeli-Zionist entity and its agents in the US,” asserted Hassan. “Israel’s role in the attacks is obvious; there is no lack of evidence.”

He went on to cite reports that Israelis working in the WTC at the time had received advance warning of the attacks, noting that only five Israelis were killed on 9/11 according to official tallies in the Israeli press. In December, 2002, Haaretz reported that employees of an Israeli mobile-phone messaging service “received messages two hours before the twin towers attack on September 11 predicting the attack would happen.”

“From the available evidence, logic dictates that Israel had a role in the event,” concluded Rashwan. “But without a criminal investigation, the nature of this role is impossible to determine.”

Mazloum, too, agreed that an Israeli role in the attacks “can not be ruled out,” noting that the self-proclaimed Jewish state had been “the only strategic beneficiary of 9/11 and the subsequent wars in the region.” What’s more, he added, “Israel has a historical tendency to carry out violent operations on which it can blame its adversaries.”

Mazloum went on to recall the infamous 1954 “Lavon Affair”–named after Israel’s defense minister at the time, Pinhas Lavon–when a number of Egyptian Jews working for Israeli intelligence were caught planting bombs at US and British targets throughout Egypt. Israel, it later emerged, had hoped to blame the bombings on its Egyptian enemies, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Israel has always tried to portray Arabs and Muslims–and especially the Palestinians–as terrorists in the eyes of the public, particularly the American public,” Mazloum said.

But while independent groups devoted to what has become known as “9/11 truth” have proliferated in the US and Europe, the issue has received relatively little attention in the Arab Middle East, where, ironically, the political fallout from 9/11 has had the greatest impact.

“Even though the truth of 9/11 would vindicate Arabs and Muslims from the blanket charge of terrorism, Arab governments don’t appear to be interested in the mounting evidence against the official story,” said Mazloum. “They’re only concerned with maintaining their tight grip on power.”

“As for the Arab public, given current economic realities,” he added, “they’re too worried about making ends meet to care.”

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Former US senatorial candidate talks Lavon Affair, Israel’s role in 9/11

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Press TV (Iran); September 22, 2010

Engineers and architects supporting the “911 Truth Movement” are requesting US attorney general Eric Holder to request a federal grand jury investigation into the alleged cover up of what took place on September 11, 2001 in Manhattan, New York also known as Ground Zero.

After documentaries and scientific research has probed the alleged so-called terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the official story is starting to crumble. Former US Senate candidate Mark Dankof joins Press TV to share his insights on the nature of a potential reinvestigation of the 9/11 events and how he believes that there was Israeli foreknowledge about the incident and explosives in the building explaining the perfect collapse of both buildings.

The following is a transcription of the exclusive interview with Press TV.

PressTV: Now for more on that story we are joined by former US Senate candidate Mark Dankof. Thank you very much for joining our broadcast. Now those who question the official take on 9/11 are labeled conspiracy theorists not only by Americans but by many across the globe and including those in Muslim countries. Can this be attributed to the power of US media or that a plan so evil could have been masterminded by none other than those who are blamed?

Dankof: Well, I think to really understand this you have to go back to what happened several generations ago during the Kennedy assassination. In the beginning, of course, the American government produced the so-called “Warren Commission” which indicated that the president was killed by one person firing three shots from a sixth floor window in a Texas school book depository.

Lee Harvey Oswald, we were told, acted alone; he was not a part of a conspiracy. However, that all began to unravel through the 1960s as several people including Mark Lane produced some very disquieting information in regards to discrepancies in what had been said by the Parkland hospital doctors in Dallas and what was said by the military physicians who attended the president’s autopsy at the naval hospital in Maryland.

All of those questions began to raise even further questions about the scientific veracity of the official story of what happened to Kennedy, and that of course, was quickly followed by those who became convinced that the truth had not been told, and they began to look for other explanations in regards to who was behind the president’s death. I kind of see that same thing emerging with 9/11 as well.

To me, yes there are conspiracy theories that are crazy, there are also conspiracy theories that are legitimate ones and are based upon very solid data that has not been refuted by the official version of things even related in this case to the Kennedy assassination or to 9/11.

I find it particularly interesting that just in the last couple of days, someone sent me something via email here in San Antonio indicating that the President of the American Jewish congress was issuing a statement decrying extremists who believed that the 9/11 version of events provided by the US government is in fact false and that these extremists were in fact acting out of malice and out of unsound mind.

That is not a direct quote but is basically the idea that was being conveyed. This is the same sort of thing that we saw in the 1960s and early 70s with the Kennedy assassination. I anticipate that we are going to get more of the same when it comes to 9/11.

Press TV: Soon after 9/11, the question of how the towers could fall the way they did as well as the collapse of building seven were brought up by many. Yet this was ignored… do you think that support of architects and engineers from 9/11 “Truth Movement” with regards to this question gives rise to a much more needed discussion on this?

Dankof: Well, it certainly should. If people go to my website: “Mark Dankof’s America at and go to my links page there, they will see that I have that website linked to the so-called engineers and architects for 9/11 Truth.

This is one of the things that I found to be most profoundly disturbing; when I started looking at some of the scientific credentials of some of the people that were a part of this organization… I mean after all we are talking about numbers of people with PhDs. in physics who have provided explanations to us as to why the official story simply could not have happened in the way that the US government said it happened.

I’m satisfied frankly after reading the work of Dr. Steven Jones, the former professor of Brigham Young University and a number of other people connected with this “9/11 Truth Organization,” that in fact these towers were brought down by a controlled explosion.

This of course suggests or in effect necessitates those charges had to be planted in those buildings. That raises the question by whom and why? That in conjunction with some very mysterious things which came to light as early as 2002 in French magazine Le Monde underscored to me that “Israeli intelligence” had more than a passing involvement in at least having foreknowledge about what was going to happen on September 11.

There are those who believe that Israeli intelligence might have had a more active role in at least directing some of what was going on through potential Mossad moles inside the Al-Qaeda organization.

I don’t have inside information on that but I found it to be significant that in February 2009 the New York Times ran a story that a fellow in Lebanon, Ali al-Jared, had been arrested as an Israeli spy. He had worked apparently for the Israeli Mossad for 25 years. He had posed very successfully as an activist for the Palestinians and Hamas and for Hezbollah only to have it revealed a quarter of a century later that he was in the employ of the Israeli Mossad the whole time.

And in that New York Times exposé of February 2009 they admitted that Ali al-Jared had a cousin, a second cousin named Ziad al-Jared, who in fact was one of the 9/11 hijackers.

[For more on this, see NYT: Israeli spy in Lebanon is cousin of alleged 9/11 hijacker‘ here:]

This does not prove of course that Ziad al-Jared himself had any connection to the Israeli Mossad but I think we can look and establish firmly and factually that there were at least five Israeli Mossad agents who had Muhammad Atta under surveillance for a significant period of time before the 9/11 attacks. They lived just down the street from him in Hollywood, Florida.

Then of course this drug administration agency official in the US who released information to the French magazine Le Monde in early 2002 did so because he was absolutely convinced that the American government was fully covering up the event of Israel’s foreknowledge of the attacks, and that basically the Israeli intelligence community allowed this whole thing to transpire at a bare minimum.

Press TV: Let’s get this last question in briefly if I may. The US National Security Strategy essentially calls for a New World Order with US dominance secure in every aspect. Now why aren’t the Americans willing to question why Bin Laden has not been caught yet? And why al-Qaeda, the Taliban, etc are blamed for all the woes of the world?

Dankof: Well, that’s a very compelling question. We might ask the same question in regards to why the American public has never had the full details of the Jonathan Pollard spy case explained to them, or has never had Israel‘s direct involvement in attacking the USS Liberty in June of 1967, and killing 34 Americans explained to them.

The average American knows nothing about the “Lavon Affair” where it has been very firmly established factually in 1954 that Pinhas Lavon, the then Foreign Minister of Israel directed a black operational “national security” operation in conjunction with Israeli intelligence that was designed and in fact did set off explosives at post offices in Egypt and set off explosives at American libraries in Cairo and in Alexandria with the expressed purpose of blaming Egypt for something which in effect was an Israeli operation in order that the United States might launch a military operation against Egypt for retaliations.

This is absolutely factual and your listeners can check this out on the net. It’s called the “Lavon Affair” and it’s absolutely suggestive of what could have taken place all these years later when we get to September 11, 2001.

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For some excellent interviews featuring Mark Dankof and hosted by Mark Glen, see “The Ugly Truth” here:

Israel to build 13,000 new Jewish-only housing units on Arab land following expiry of settlement-building freeze

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Ma’an News Agency (Palestine)
September 13, 2010

BETHLEHEM — At least 13,000 housing units in illegal West Bank settlements are set for construction once Israel’s building moratorium ends on 30 September, a report issued by an Israeli rights group read Monday.

According to Peace Now, at least 2,066 housing units are ready for construction, having received building permits, while a further 11,000 are in the works that do not require further government approval.

“There are apparently hundreds more housing units ready for construction as soon as the freeze ends but the ground works have not yet begun and there is not available information about them,” the report read.

Peace Now said building permit records were made available to them but warned that “hundreds more building permits were approved recently by local authorities that do not publish their building permits.

“In several cases the information was published in notices of the intention to build new projects issued to contractors or other professionals in the construction industry.”

Additionally, the rights group said, there are approximately 37,684 housing units in plans that were approved in the past but were never built. “Most of those units require further approval of the government for the allocation and marketing of the lands.”

Netanyahu to offer ‘settlement freeze’ similar to Olmert

The report was issued a day before Palestinian and Israeli leaders are set to begin the second round of direct negotiations in the resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. The PLO and Palestinian Authority have maintained that they would walk out of talks if Israel refused to extend its ten-month moratorium on West Bank construction and expand its mandate to East Jerusalem.

However, residents of the illegal West Bank settlements have vowed to continue building at an unprecedented pace following the freeze’s expiration, as well as in retaliation for the killing of four settlers in a shooting attack last week.

Meanwhile, Israeli daily Haaretz reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to adopt a policy identical to that of his predecessor for construction in West Bank settlements — a partial freeze — as the September 30 end of the moratorium approaches.

But under Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, currently embroiled in a bribery scandal over the construction of several apartment complexes in West Jerusalem, more than 90 percent of construction was carried out in the major settlement blocs including East Jerusalem’s Ma’aleh Adumim, Gush Etzion and Ariel.

Despite pressure from ministers within his coalition government, Netanyahu has yet to officially declare the Israel government’s next move following the end of the moratorium.

Earlier this year, indirect talks mediated by the US were broken off on the eve of the PLO’s endorsement, after Israel announced further settlement expansion to an Israeli-only settlement in East Jerusalem during US Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to the region to restart peace talks.

The above article can be found here:

Peace Now: 2,066 Jewish homes ready to be built in Judea/Samaria

Arutz Sheva (Israel)
September 13, 2010

In an attempt to scare the world into increasing the already heavy pressure on Israel to extend the construction freeze, the ultra-left Peace Now organization announces that 2,066 homes are ready to be built on Sept. 26 if the freeze is not extended — and thousands more are only one step away.

The 2,066 units, in 42 different Jewish communities throughout Judea and Samaria, need no further permits or approvals for construction to begin. Among them are 300 in Givat Ze’ev, just north of Jerusalem, and another 260 in the hareidi-religious city Modiin Illit (Kiryat Sefer).

In addition, work on 24 units can be immediately begun in Kiryat Arba, 18 in Tapuach, and 70 in Talmon.

The goal and raison d’etre of Peace Now is to ensure that no Jews live in Judea and Samaria (Yesha). It files court suits, publicizes information on Jewish settlements, and runs campaigns to this end.

The city of Arielhas has 136 units ready for immediate construction, according to Peace Now, while Vered Yericho has 41; Shilo, 22; Kochav HaShachar, 24; Barkan, 62; Mevo Horon, 70; Elazar, 58; Nili, 46; and Tzofim, 50 units.

Furthermore, Peace Now reports, “there are at least another 11,000 housing units approved for construction according to valid building plans, and the settlers can build them even without further government approval. This means that [even] if the government… [states it will not] approve new construction but does not renew the freeze order, the settlers can still build 13,000 housing units, 5,000 of which are in isolated settlements east of the separation barrier.”

MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) says this is far from enough, and that if only 13,000 units are built in Yesha — population 320,000 — it will be a catastrophe. “13,000 housing units would be the Netanyahu edition of the British White Paper [which sorely restricted Jewish immigration to the Holy Land in the 1930’s and 40’s – ed.], and would be a continuation of the policy of strangulation. The Jewish settlement enterprise requires at least 50,000 units this year.”

The above article can be found here:

Yemen Islamists linked to Israeli intelligence

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Asia Times Online
January 9, 2010[Much of the following article, which repeatedly stresses US President (and Zionist front-man) Barack Obama’s “erudite mind,” is nonsense. The references to Israeli intelligence activity in Yemen, however, along with those to Israel’s strategic relationship with India, may be instructive — 800]

A year ago, Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh made the startling revelation that his country’s security forces apprehended a group of Islamists linked to the Israeli intelligence forces. “A terrorist cell was apprehended and will be referred to the courts for its links with the Israeli intelligence services,” he promised.

Saleh added, “You will hear about the trial proceedings.” Nothing was ever heard and the trail went cold. Welcome to the magical land of Yemen, where in the womb of time the Arabian Nights were played out.

Combine Yemen with the mystique of Islam, Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda and the Israeli intelligence and you get a heady mix. The head of the US Central Command, General David Petraeus, dropped in at the capital, Sana’a, on Saturday and vowed to Saleh increased American aid to fight al-Qaeda. United States President Barack Obama promptly echoed Petraeus’ promise, assuring that the US would step up intelligence-sharing and training of Yemeni forces and perhaps carry out joint attacks against militants in the region.Another Afghanistan?

Many accounts say that Obama, who is widely regarded as a gifted and intelligent politician, is blundering into a catastrophic mistake by starting another war that could turn out to be as bloody and chaotic and un-winnable as Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, on the face of it, Obama does seem erratic. The parallels with Afghanistan are striking. There has been an attempt to destroy a US plane by a Nigerian student [who himself had links to Israeli intelligence –800] who says he received training in Yemen. And America wants to go to war.

Yemen, too, is a land of wonderfully beautiful rugged mountains that could be a guerilla paradise. Yemenis are a hospitable lot, like Afghan tribesmen, but as Irish journalist Patrick Cockurn recollects, while they are generous to passing strangers, they “deem the laws of hospitality to lapse when the stranger leaves their tribal territory, at which time he becomes ‘a good back to shoot at’.” Surely, there is romance in the air — almost like in the Hindu Kush. Fiercely nationalistic, almost every Yemeni has a gun. Yemen is also, like Afghanistan, a land of conflicting authorities, and with foreign intervention, a little civil war is waiting to flare up.

Is Obama so incredibly forgetful of his own December 1 speech outlining his Afghan strategy that he violated his own canons? Certainly not. Obama is a smart man. The intervention in Yemen will go down as one of the smartest moves that he ever made for perpetuating the US’s global hegemony. It is America’s answer to China’s surge. [All of the writer’s talk about China (see below) is a red herring. US geo-political maneuvering is not about containing an ascendant China. It is about ensuring Israel’s regional, even global, hegemony — 800]

A cursory look at the map of region will show that Yemen is one of the most strategic lands adjoining waters of the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula. It flanks Saudi Arabia and Oman, which are vital American protectorates. In effect, Uncle Sam is “marking territory” — like a dog on a lamppost. Russia has been toying with the idea of reopening its Soviet-era base in Aden. Well, the US has pipped Moscow in the race.

The US has signaled that the odyssey doesn’t end with Yemen. It is also moving into Somalia and Kenya. With that, the US establishes its military presence in an entire unbroken stretch of real estate all along the Indian Ocean’s western rim. Chinese officials have of late spoken of their need to establish a naval base in the region. The US has now foreclosed China’s options. The only country with a coastline that is available for China to set up a naval base in the region will be Iran. All other countries have a Western military presence.

The American intervention in Yemen is not going to be on the pattern of Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama will ensure he doesn’t receive any body bags of American servicemen serving in Yemen. That is what the American public expects from him. He will only deploy drone aircraft and special forces and “focus on providing intelligence and training to help Yemen counter al-Qaeda militants”, according to the US military. Obama’s main core objective will be to establish an enduring military presence in Yemen. This serves many purposes.

A new great game begins

First, the US move has to be viewed against the historic backdrop of the Shi’ite awakening in the region. The Shi’ites (mostly of the Zaidi group) have been traditionally suppressed in Yemen. Shi’ite uprisings have been a recurring theme in Yemen’s history. There has been a deliberate attempt to minimize the percentage of Shi’ites in Yemen, but they could be anywhere up to 45 percent.

More importantly, in the northern part of the country, they constitute the majority. What bothers the US and moderate Sunni Arab states — and Israel — is that the Believing Youth Organization led by Hussein Badr al-Houthi, which is entrenched in northern Yemen, is modeled after Hezbollah in Lebanon in all respects — politically, economically, socially and culturally.

Yemenis are an intelligent people and are famous in the Arabian Peninsula for their democratic temperament. The Yemeni Shi’ite empowerment on a Hezbollah-model would have far-reaching regional implications. Next-door Oman, which is a key American base, is predominantly Shi’ite. Even more sensitive is the likelihood of the dangerous idea of Shi’ite empowerment spreading to Saudi Arabia’s highly restive Shi’ite regions adjoining Yemen, which on top of it all, also happen to be the reservoir of the country’s fabulous oil wealth.

Saudi Arabia is entering a highly sensitive phase of political transition as a new generation is set to take over the leadership in Riyadh, and the palace intrigues and fault lines within the royal family are likely to get exacerbated. To put it mildly, given the vast scale of institutionalized Shi’ite persecution in Saudi Arabia by the Wahhabi establishment, Shi’ite empowerment is a veritable minefield that Riyadh is petrified about at this juncture. Its threshold of patience is wearing thin, as the recent uncharacteristic resort to military power against the north Yemeni Shi’ite communities bordering Saudi Arabia testifies.

The US faces a classic dilemma. It is all right for Obama to highlight the need of reform in Muslim societies — as he did eloquently in his Cairo speech last June [This is, of course, nonsense — 800]. But democratization in the Yemeni context — ironically, in the Arab context — would involve Shi’ite empowerment. After the searing experience in Iraq, Washington is literally perched like a cat on a hot tin roof. It would much rather be aligned with the repressive, autocratic government of Saleh than let the genie of reform out of the bottle in the oil rich-region in which it has profound interests.

Obama has an erudite mind and he is not unaware that what Yemen desperately needs is reform, but he simply doesn’t want to think about it. The paradox he faces is that with all its imperfections, Iran happens to be the only “democratic” system operating in that entire region.

Iran’s shadow over the Yemeni Shi’ite consciousness worries the US to no end. Simply put, in the ideological struggle going on in the region, Obama finds himself with the ultra-conservative and brutally autocratic oligarchies that constitute the ruling class in the region. Conceivably, he isn’t finding it easy. If his own memoirs are to be believed, there could be times when the vague recollections of his childhood in Indonesia and his precious memories of his own mother, who from all accounts was a free-wheeling intellectual and humanist, must be stalking him in the White House corridors.

Israel moves in

But Obama is first and foremost a realist. Emotions and personal beliefs drain away and strategic considerations weigh uppermost when he works in the Oval Office. With the military presence in Yemen, the US has tightened the cordon around Iran. In the event of a military attack on Iran, Yemen could be put to use as a springboard by the Israelis. These are weighty considerations for Obama.

The fact is that no one is in control as a Yemeni authority. It is a cakewalk for the formidable Israeli intelligence to carve out a niche in Yemen — just as it did in northern Iraq under somewhat comparable circumstances.

Islamism doesn’t deter Israel at all. Saleh couldn’t have been far off the mark when he alleged last year that Israeli intelligence had been exposed as having kept links with Yemeni Islamists. The point is, Yemeni Islamists are a highly fragmented lot and no one is sure who owes what sort of allegiance to whom. Israeli intelligence operates marvelously in such twilight zones when the horizon is lacerated with the blood of the vanishing sun.

Israel will find a toehold in Yemen to be a god-sent gift insofar as it registers its presence in the Arabian Peninsula. This is a dream come true for Israel, whose effectiveness as a regional power has always been seriously handicapped by its lack of access to the Persian Gulf region. The overarching US military presence helps Israel politically to consolidate its Yemeni chapter. Without doubt, Petraeus is moving on Yemen in tandem with Israel (and Britain). But the “pro-West” Arab states with their rentier mentality have no choice except to remain as mute spectators on the sidelines.

Some among them may actually acquiesce with the Israeli security presence in the region as a safer bet than the spread of the dangerous ideas of Shi’ite empowerment emanating out of Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah. Also, at some stage, Israeli intelligence will begin to infiltrate the extremist Sunni outfits in Yemen, which are commonly known as affiliates of al-Qaeda. That is, if it hasn’t done that already. Any such link makes Israel an invaluable ally for the US in its fight against al-Qaeda. In sum, infinite possibilities exist in the paradigm that is taking shape in the Muslim world abutting into the strategic Persian Gulf.

It’s all about China [No, it isn’t. It’s all about Israeli hegemony and the destruction of Israel’s enemies — 800]

Most important, however, for US global strategies will be the massive gain of control of the port of Aden in Yemen. Britain can vouchsafe that Aden is the gateway to Asia. Control of Aden and the Malacca Strait will put the US in an unassailable position in the “great game” of the Indian Ocean. The sea lanes of the Indian Ocean are literally the jugular veins of China’s economy. By controlling them, Washington sends a strong message to Beijing that any notions by the latter that the US is a declining power in Asia would be nothing more than an extravagant indulgence in fantasy.

In the Indian Ocean region, China is increasingly coming under pressure. India is a natural ally of the US in the Indian Ocean region. Both disfavor any significant Chinese naval presence. India is mediating a rapprochement between Washington and Colombo that would help roll back Chinese influence in Sri Lanka. The US has taken a u-turn in its Myanmar policy and is engaging the regime there with the primary intent of eroding China’s influence with the military rulers. The Chinese strategy aimed at strengthening influence in Sri Lanka and Myanmar so as to open a new transportation route towards the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and Africa, where it has begun contesting traditional Western economic dominance.

China is keen to whittle down its dependence on the Malacca Strait for its commerce with Europe and West Asia. The US, on the contrary, is determined that China remains vulnerable to the choke point between Indonesia and Malaysia.

An engrossing struggle is breaking out. The US is unhappy with China’s efforts to reach the warm waters of the Persian Gulf through the Central Asian region and Pakistan. Slowly but steadily, Washington is tightening the noose around the neck of the Pakistani elites — civilian and military — and forcing them to make a strategic choice between the US and China. This will put those elites in an unenviable dilemma. Like their Indian counterparts, they are inherently “pro-Western” (even when they are “anti-American”) and if the Chinese connection is important for Islamabad, that is primarily because it balances perceived Indian hegemony.

The existential questions with which the Pakistani elites are grappling are apparent. They are seeking answers from Obama. Can Obama maintain a balanced relationship vis-a-vis Pakistan and India? Or, will Obama lapse back to the George W. Bush era strategy of building up India as the pre-eminent power in the Indian Ocean under whose shadow Pakistan will have to learn to live?

The US-India-Israel axis

On the other hand, the Indian elites are in no compromising mood. Delhi was on a roll during the Bush days. Now, after the initial misgivings about Obama’s political philosophy, Delhi is concluding that he is all but a clone of his illustrious predecessor as regards the broad contours of the US’s global strategy — of which containment of China is a core template.

The comfort level is palpably rising in Delhi with regard to the Obama presidency. Delhi takes the surge of the Israeli lobby in Washington as the litmus test for the Obama presidency. The surge suits Delhi, since the Jewish lobby was always a helpful ally in cultivating influence in the US Congress, media and the rabble-rousing think-tankers as well as successive administrations. And all this is happening at a time when the India-Israel security relationship is gaining greater momentum.

United States Defense Secretary Robert Gates is due to visit Delhi in the coming days. The Obama administration is reportedly adopting an increasingly accommodative attitude toward India’s longstanding quest for “dual-use” technology from the US. If so, a massive avenue of military cooperation is about to open between the two countries, which will make India a serious challenger to China’s growing military prowess. It is a win-win situation as the great Indian arms bazaar offers highly lucrative business for American companies.

Clearly, a cozy three-way US-Israel-India alliance provides the underpinning for all the maneuvering that is going on. It will have significance for the security of the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula. Last year, India formalized a naval presence in Oman.

All-in-all, terrorism experts are counting the trees and missing the wood when they analyze the US foray into Yemen in the limited terms of hunting down al-Qaeda. The hard reality is that Obama, whose main plank used to be “change”, has careened away and increasingly defaults to the global strategies of the Bush era. The freshness of the Obama magic is dissipating. Traces of the “revisionism” in his foreign policy orientation are beginning to surface. We can see them already with regard to Iran, Afghanistan, the Middle East and the Israel-Palestine problem, Central Asia and towards China and Russia.

Arguably, this sort of “return of the native” by Obama was inevitable. For one thing, he is but a creature of his circumstances. As someone put it brilliantly, Obama’s presidency is like driving a train rather than a car: a train cannot be “steered”, the driver can at best set its speed, but ultimately, it must run on its tracks.

Besides, history has no instances of a declining world power meekly accepting its destiny and walking into the sunset. The US cannot give up on its global dominance without putting up a real fight. And the reality of all such momentous struggles is that they cannot be fought piece-meal. You cannot fight China without occupying Yemen.

Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar was a career diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service. His assignments included the Soviet Union, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Germany, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kuwait and Turkey.

The above article can be found here:


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Veterans Today

September 3, 2010



Quetta, Baluchistan, September 3, 2003 (Veterans Today)  Today, 43 Pakistanis were killed in a terror attack, killed for supporting Palestinians in Gaza.  The signs had been there, the Wikileaks attempt to put responsibility for the Taliban on Veterans Today editor General Hamid Gul.  This was debunked in a heartbeat.  This attack was vicious and clearly the work of Israel.   This was a terror attack meant as a message to the people of the world telling them that if they rally in support of those imprisoned in Gaza, they will be murdered.

Is it a gift for the Jewish people of Israel, another revenge attack, seemingly in response to the shooting of 4 Israeli Jews in Hebron, an attack curiously timed to disrupt peace talks between Jewish and Muslim Palestinians in Washington?

This is far from the first time Israel has been caught.  The PKK, the Kurdish terrorist group, communists, who have been attacking Turkey from their mountain “caves” in Iraq for over 40 years have long been trained, funded and even recruited by Israel’s Mossad.  Now the partnership between India and Israel, helped along, not only by the CIA, the Kazrai brothers “corporation” and MI -6 is becoming difficult to ignore.

With continual terror attacks a daily part of life in Pakistan, several in Lahore this week, there is no ignoring the real culprits.  Nearly every contracting firm the United States uses in, not only Afghanistan but Pakistan as well, is filled to the brim with Israeli operatives.  Working with them is the massive CIA assisted drug cartel and its worldwide network of private airlines for shipping heroin and cash and a dozen nations that take part.


All of this is only window dressing for the real show.  In 2003, Israel got America to destroy Iraq, well, and itself also.  Iraq was suicide for America.  It wasn’t until 2007 that America had discovered its own corpse.

The war in Afghanistan is destroying, not only that country but Pakistan as well.  Israel will not allow an Islamic nuclear power to threaten their control over Asia.  The real target has always been control of the Suez Canal and the real prize, India.  What appears to America to be an economic powerhouse is a deeply divided and trouble nation beset by enemies and ready to be turned into a surrogate military power and then stripped to the bones.

This is what happened to the United States.

Pakistan is important.  For years, the “CIA” and other intelligence organizations have been in Baluchistan sneaking in and out of Iran blowing things up.  How much of that is CIA and how much is Mossad, nobody knows for sure.  This is another terrorist organization, called the “Jundallah.”  Like the PKK in Turkey and the Tehrik-i-Taliban, the terrorist group making life in Pakistan a living hell, the Jundallah get all the money, weapons, training, transportation and maybe more, much more, they need to fight covert wars against the targets of Tel Aviv.

Baluchistan also has several small airports where heroin can be loaded and flown out.  American contracting firms control those facilities and have for years.  Narcotics are delivered there from Afghanistan and leave on aircraft meant to supply America’s “black ops” against, well, whoever it is that Israel is angry at.

For Americans, the real question, if Israel is funding terrorist organizations attacking, not only Iran but America’s NATO partner Turkey and longtime ally Pakistan, facts long in evidence everywhere but in the American press, are there also terrorist attacks against American forces and America itself being planned?  Have any been carried out and if so, how many?

Does Israel gain when America marches to war against her perceived enemies?  Is it a long declared policy to do anything necessary, not actually to enhance Israel’s survival, never really in question at all, not really ever actually, but their dominance?

What was obvious today is that the terror attack in Pakistan had nothing to do with Taliban of any kind.  It had only one goal, to punish the people of Pakistan, ethnic Pushtu’s, not the ruling Punjabi’s, for supporting the Palestinian cause and supporting a two-state solution during the current peace initiative sponsored by President Obama.  We know Israel goes after anyone who stands up for Palestine but killing dozens of civilians at a rally in Quetta, Baluchistan is an escalation, even for Israel.

No, this isn’t an escalation in violence, it isn’t even close to the biggest body count Israel has run up.

Perhaps the worst part of it is that nobody will say a word about this.  Pakistan is broke, even by American standards.  They survive off American foreign aid, money they continue to receive as long as they never say a word about Israel of publicly attribute the wave of terrorism they have been subjected to where the real blame belongs.  I have seen the head of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the current Director General of the ISI, hint at Osama bin Laden being dead.  I have interviewed him about it personally.

I was sworn to keep the discussion private and confidential.  I will keep my word.

Pakistan is being held hostage.  Mrs. Clinton continually chastises them about failing to find long dead Osama bin Laden, the imaginary planner of 9/11.  Former ISI Director General Hamid Gul, now retired and known for his outspoken honesty, places the blame for 9/11 exactly where it belongs, where he placed on the day it happened.  With the Israeli lobby in control of Washington and Washington’s money in control of Pakistan, this won’t be the last terror attack.

The next time anyone anywhere tries to aid Palestinians or to get the truth about Israel’s apartheid policies and ethnic cleansing past the corporte controlled press, expect another suicide bombing.  Look at the way the press handled Israeli murder and piracy with the Freedom Flotilla?  Less than 5% of Americans know that Israel was caught back in 1967 knowingly attacking an American ship, the USS Liberty.  It wasn’t the first Israeli terror attack on Americans and there have been dozens since.  You will never read a word about them.

With another 9/11 anniversary coming up, Palestine peace talks going on and Israel doing everthing in its power to force America to attack Iran, security forces throughout the United States are on high alert for Islamic terrorists.

Everyone ‘in the know” understand that the warning is really for Israeli terrorists.  Will the United States Air Force be there if needed, unlike during 9/11?  Will terrorists all show up with fresh student visas courtesty of the State Department like during 9/11?

Are we past the time when America is willing to look the other way when a thousand strange coincidences bring about that “perfect storm,” exactly when and where needed, a “storm” to eclipse 9/11 in horror, enough to send a war weary people, long lied to, no longer trusting their government, down the road to war for Israel again?

Four dead Israelis in Hebron was a clue.  The 43 dead in Quetta is another.  The imaginary Amsterdam hijackers were meant to be one also.  More will come with each day, more clues, more planted news stories, more staging, more preparing the minds to expect what so many of us know is coming.

Who do you think recruits terror cells?  Who has been doing it forever?  Who can travel freely, use passports of any nation and has endless money?  You think there really is an Al Qaeda?

Why does everything Al Quade do only help Israel?

Is Al Qaeda another Mossad front?

The above article can be found at: GORDON DUFF: IS ISRAEL RUNNING THE TALIBAN?

For more information on longstanding Jewish control over Terrorist fronts in particular PKK please see:The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK): A Zionist proxy?

Also Mossad’s 9/11 and Mossad Black Ops and False Flags