Billionaire official of World Jewish Congress arrested in Turkey for sex-trade scheme

Photo: Raanan Ben-ZurJewish Telegraphic Agency; October 7, 2010

A Jewish billionaire who heads a branch of the World Jewish Congress was among 14 businessmen and underage prostitutes arrested on a yacht in Turkey.

Alexander Mashkevitch, born in 1954, heads the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. He is a citizen of Kazakhstan and Israel.

The arrests came in late September after a tip to Turkish authorities that the luxury boat was being used for illegal purposes, The Los Angeles Times reported. The Turkish government, which had leased out the yacht, has repossessed it.

The yacht once belonged to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey.

Turkish authorities say they have documents proving that Mashkevitch paid up front to rent the yacht for five days and that the prostitutes were on board, Ynet reported. The boat reportedly was rented out regularly as part of a sex-trade scheme in which passengers would pay several thousand dollars for one night on board.

Some commentators reportedly are saying that the scandal besmirches Ataturk’s name, which is a punishable offense.

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‘Billionaire Mashkevitch in hot water over sex scandal’ (Israel); October 8, 2010

BERLIN — Kazakh-Israeli billionaire Alexander Mashkevitch, who was recently linked to a sex scandal which took place aboard legendary Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s yacht, was reportedly present and arrested during Monday’s raid.

Turkish police raided the historic vessel following a lead and arrested 20 people, including prostitutes — some of whom were minors — on suspicion of taking part in wild orgies aboard the historic vessel.

According to a Friday report in Yedioth Ahronoth, Mashkevitch — who chartered the luxury vessel at the time of the raid — was arrested along with the others and was later released on bail.

News of Mashkevitch’s involvement in the scandal made quite a splash in the Turkish media, which reported that he leased the yacht for five days, during which the illicit sexual rendezvous took place. Such activity would be considered a great affront to Ataturk and mandates criminal charges.

According to the Turkish media, Mashkevitch — who founded the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress and is a member of the World Jewish Congress — retained one of Ankara’s leading law firms to represent him in the matter. The information has not been confirmed, as Mashkevitch’s spokesman was unavailable for comment.

New details reveal that among those arrested aboard the ship were several statesmen from Central Asia, as well as Russian Jewish businessman Telman Ismailov, a Kazakh-American businessman and “a senior aide to the Kazakh prime minister.”

Still, senior members of the World Jewish Congress demanded Mashkevitch clear up his part of the scandal, saying that if there is any truth to his rumored involvement he should be fired from the congress.

Mashkevitch, who is worth a reported $3.3 billion, is a known benefactor of numerous Jewish organizations.

World Jewish Congress spokesperson Betty Ehrenberg declined comment on the matter, saying only that the billionaire had nothing to do with her organization, adding that since the facts of the case are still unknown; it was too early to comment.

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