Arabic-language press: Former Zionist intel chief boasts of Israeli ‘infiltration’ of Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Iran

Al-Masry Al-Youm (Egypt), November 2, 2010

The Kul al-Arab website [], published by Palestinians resident in Israel, has reported that that former Israeli military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin — on the occasion of his official handover to his successor, General Afif Khufifi, a few days ago — said: “Egypt represents the biggest playing field for Israeli military intelligence activity. This activity has developed according to plan since 1979.”

According to several Palestinian and Lebanese news websites, Yadlin also said: “We have penetrated Egypt in many areas, including the political, security, economic, and military spheres. We have succeeded in promoting sectarian and social tension there so as to create a permanent atmosphere of turmoil, in order to deepen the discord between Egyptian society and the government and make it difficult for any regime following that of Hosni Mubarak to alleviate this discord.”

No Israeli or international newspaper published Yadlin’s statements. Nor could Palestinian sources contacted by Al-Masry Al-Youm confirm them.

Kul al-Arab also mentioned that Yadlin, who is a likely candidate to head up the [Israeli intelligence service] Mossad after the departure of [current Mossad chief] Meir Dagan, also spoke of additional “infiltrations” in other Arab countries — such as Sudan, Syria and Lebanon — during his term as military-intelligence chief. He confirmed that Israel had played a major role in assisting the separatist movements of southern Sudan.

“Within the past four and a half years we have achieved all of the tasks assigned to us, and have continued with many of those that were first begun by our predecessors,” Yadlin said. “We did an excellent job in Sudan, where we provided the southern separatists with weapons, trained many of them and assisted them with logistics. We have built networks in southern Sudan and in Darfur capable of continuing this work indefinitely. We are also overseeing the organization of the popular movement there, for which we have established an intelligence apparatus.”

On Israeli intelligence activity in Lebanon, Yadlin said: “We have reformulated a number of espionage networks in Lebanon and formed dozens of new ones. The result is that we now have complete control over the country’s telecommunications sector, which has helped us even more than we expected.

We have also trained security elements from within Lebanon, members of the militias with whom we have had relations since the 1970s, who have succeeded in carrying out many assassinations and bombings against our enemies in Lebanon,” he added. “They have also done an excellent job keeping the Syrian army and intelligence out of Lebanon, and they also helped us during the [2006] siege on Hezbollah.”

Yadlin went on to describe the [2008] assassination of Hezbollah military commander Imad Moghniyeh as one of the most “brilliant” operations that Israel had carried out in recent years, noting that Israel’s code-name for Moghniyeh had been “the magician.”

“We managed to reach Moghniyeh in his safe haven in Damascus, which is a difficult locale to work in,” he said. “But thanks to our networks in Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Iraq and Morocco, we managed to tighten the noose around him, in what is now seen as one of our agency’s most historic victories.”

Yadlin also said that Israeli intelligence activity extended deep into Iran.

We have assassinated several Iranian nuclear scientists and political leaders. We have managed to monitor Iran’s nuclear program, from which the West has benefited. We have succeeded in thwarting the Iranian nuclear threat to the region and the world.”

As regards the Gaza Strip, Yaldin said: “Hamas must be continuously struck from within and outside the strip. Hamas represents a major threat to the Jewish state because it incites the Arab countries and the whole world against Israel. Therefore, the movement should be extirpated according to the timetable set by our intelligence agencies.

The above article can be found (in Arabic) here:


Yadlin: ‘Israel’ has total control over Lebanese telecommunications sector

Islamic Resistance in Lebanon; October 27, 2010

Former “Israeli” Military Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin announced that his entity has restored a huge number of espionage networks that work for “Israel” in Lebanon.

Yadlin also announced that “Israel” has total control of the telecommunication sector inside Lebanon on the level of information, higher than expected.

In addition, the “Israeli” enemy recruited more espionage people inside Lebanon, some of who were already dealing with the Zionist entity since the 1970s, where with their help, “Israel” was able to conduct many assassinations against what Yadlin called “our enemies” in Lebanon.

Amos Yadlin also described that his entity has achieved “great work” on the intelligence level with what’s related to Syria and Lebanon, in addition to Hezbollah.

On a deeper level, former “Israeli” Military Intelligence Chief referred that Lebanon PM Rafiq Hariri’s [2005] assassination played the most important role in stirring up more than one “Israeli” scheme in Lebanon.

Yadlin also added that Imad Moghniyeh’s assassination played the role in evolving a new stage of conflict with Hezbollah, adding that “Israel” should continue on its current path, where it plays all cards on the Lebanese interior.

In this context, the “Israeli” former chief shed the light to the importance of his entity’s schemes especially in light of issuing the Special Tribunal for Lebanon’s indictment, which he stressed would be accusing Hezbollah of Rafiq Hariri’s assassination.

The Zionist military intelligence expert was very honest to reveal that issuing an indictment against Hezbollah would be a moment his entity has been waiting for in order to move to the other step in taking over the Syrian front.

The Zionist official showed hope of his entity’s accomplishments in destructing the governmental and popular structures of Iraq, Sudan, and Yemen, adding that soon Lebanon will join the list.

The above article can be found here:

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