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‘The Mossad’s Arab Writers’

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February 15, 2009

“If good befalls you, it grieves them; but if some misfortune overtakes you, they rejoice at it. But if ye are constant and do right, not the least harm will their cunning do to you; for Allah Compasses round about all that they do.” -Surat A’ali Imran, (the House of Imran), III, v. 119

“I call on the Israeli army to crush these Palestinian terrorists who are at Iran’s beck and call; chase the rebels of Hamas, annihilate its lunatics and demented leaders who are disguised as men of faith, crush them and exterminate them and teach them a lesson which they will never forget just as you taught the terrorist Hizbullah a harsh lesson in 2006….So deliver Gaza from the grip of Hamas. These Palestinians, wherever they go, they take with them terror, corruption, trouble l, tumult and ingratitude…..!”

These words were not written by Israeli propagandists or Zionist apologists seeking to justify the recent Israeli blitzkrieg in Gaza. They are actually the words of a Kuwaiti Arab columnist who has apparently sold his soul to the devil.

I say “sold his soul to the devil” because when a human being transforms himself into a willful liar in the service of evil, that person, knowingly or unknowingly, loses his morality and eventually loses his humanity as well.

I don’t know for sure what makes such people undergo such a diabolical metamorphosis. It could be mental weakness, or a certain psychological defect that they have failed to overcome, or even a mental dysfunction. However, treachery always goes hand in hand with moral depravity and lack of self-esteem.

Needless to say, a writer, or even a commoner, who gleefully rejoices over the extermination of children, as we saw recently in Gaza, has obviously banished himself from the realm of humanity.

Unfortunately, there is a number of so-called Arab writers who seem to have devoted themselves to besmirching and vilifying Hamas and other Arab resistance movements, as if the right thing to do were to succumb to Zionism, the Nazi-like movement that has been murdering Palestinians, destroying their homes, stealing their land and dispersing them to the four winds.

Indeed, instead of standing up for justice and identifying with the oppressed against the oppressor, , as every noble human being should do, these wicked mercenaries have decided to curry favor with the Nazis of our time probably in the hope of receiving a certificate of good conduct or a citation of honor from Zionist entity. Or perhaps they hope that international Zionist circles might press award-granting bodies in the West to reward them for their treasonous behavior.

Well, they have. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has already prepared a list of “honor” of Zionized Arab writers who are doing a “marvelous job” on Israel’s behalf.

Just watch the Zionist media these days and see how often these lowly traitors are quoted by Zionist spinners and hasbara operatives.

This shows beyond doubt that these gullible little men have fully swallowed up the Zionist narrative, bait, hook, line and sinker.

I understand that many of these writers are shockingly ignorant of the facts. However, there are others who know the facts very well but lack the intellectual honesty and moral rectitude to stand up for the truth. It is the cheapness of character that makes them what they are, vile hypocrites swinging right and left depending on the instructions they receive from their paymasters and benefactors.

A few years ago, one of these so-called writers based in London was quoted heavily by much of the American and Israeli media when he claimed that “not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims.”

Well, I don’t know what was this so-called writer smoking or drinking when he uttered this colossal mendacity, a canard that has more to do with mental diarrhea than with any genuine intellectual activity.

Didn’t that little man learn in school in Saudi Arabia that “defending one’s home, country and honor is a duty binding on all Muslims”? Couldn’t he bring himself to understand that a foreign occupation is actually an act of rape, and that just as rape victims have every right to fight and resist their attackers, so do people languishing under occupation have a similar right to resist their occupiers, oppressors and tormentors? Did he forget that even in America, his real god, or more correctly the god of his god, they say “give me freedom or give me death.”

More to the point, couldn’t that weak-minded charlatan realize that the invasion, occupation and destruction of sovereign nations by the US, along with the murder of hundreds of thousands of people, represented and embodied terror in its ugliest forms?

I understand that certain Arabs dislike Hamas because of ideological hostility. However, I never thought in my life that an Arab and Muslim bearing the name of Abdullah or Abdul Rahman would urge Israel to annihilate Palestinians and express the wish he was an Israeli soldier slaughtering Palestinian and Lebanese children.

Well, moral depravity, it seems, has no limits.

I do know that the vast majority of Arabs are men and women of honor who stand soul and heart with their Palestinian brothers and sisters. This graceful solidarity manifested itself in the massive demonstrations which took place recently from Mauritania to Bahrain, mostly against the wishes of the tyrannical regimes.

In fact, it was this huge show of support and identification with our struggle that kept us going all these difficult days, facing and absorbing the genocidal onslaught by the Nazis of our time.

Some primitive Sheikhs in certain countries issued edicts against organizing demonstrations to protest Israeli atrocities in Gaza. They shamelessly argued that holding demonstrations constituted an imitation of non-Muslims and was therefore incompatible with the Islamic Sharia.

Well, what kind of Sharia are these ignoramuses talking about? Don’t they know that it was the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and his companions who held the first demonstration in Islam in order to challenge the hegemony of the idolaters of Quraysh?

Moreover, if these pseudo-Ulema are really concerned about “Halal and Haram,” (virtue and vice), why don’t they speak up against the rampant promiscuities in their respective countries? Why don’t they speak up against the hundreds of pornographic and semi-pornographic TV stations which are owned and operated by decadent emirs who claim to be Muslim while doing the works of Satan?

Why don’t they speak up against their respective regimes’ disgraceful submission and subservience to Zionist-controlled America?

Is spreading moral permissiveness and pornography compatible with Islam? Is subservience to the US, Israel’s guardian-ally, compatible with the laws of the Sharia?

Answer me if you can, or just shut up, you hypocrites. You, your ignorance, stupidity and cowardice are a cancer upon the conscience of Islam and Muslims.

But, thanks to God, we have many authentic, God-fearing Ulema, such as Sheikh Yosuf Qaradawi, who won’t flinch from standing on the side of the Umma and supporting the forces of resistance, without worrying about alienating the Tyrants.

It is such Ulema that we respect and salute. May they live to see the demise of Arab dictatorships.

In conclusion, I say we must isolate and expose these treacherous writers and mouthpieces of Zionism. In fact, they are being exposed, not the least by Israel which enthusiastically publishes their silliness and trivialities.

Well, if Israel is your ultimate admirer, then you don’t need to tell us who you are. The tree is known by its fruit.

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‘The Mossad’s Arab Writers’

Why they hate us

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datafiles_cache_tempimgs_2006_2_images_us_300_0Palestine Times
September 12, 2006

I would be dishonest if I said I didn’t hate the American government. I
do hate it, so really, so deeply and, yes, so rightly.
America is the tormentor of my people. It is to me, as a Palestinian,
what Nazi Germany was to the Jews. America is the powerful devil
that spreads oppression and death in my neighborhood. How can I not hate this “great Satan,” the evil empire? Does anyone expect people to love their tormentors and child-killers? America has been, and continues to be, the sponsor, enabler, protector, and justifier of my people’s misery for the last sixty years.

America is the author of 60 years of suffering, death, bereavement,
occupation, oppression, homelessness, and victimization.

America is the usurper of my people’s right to human rights, democracy, civil liberties, development, and dignified life.

America is the abettor and financier of Israeli occupation, apartheid,
repression, terror, and land theft.

America is the protector, maintainer, sustainer and guarantor of
despotism, dictatorship, dynastic fiefdoms, and brutal autocracies,
theocracies, oligarchies, and monarchies in the Muslim world.

America is the evil power that denies my people freedom from a Nazi-like forieng occupation that murders our children and steals our land.

America is the tyrant, global dictatorship that robs hundreds of
millions of Arabs and Muslims of their right to freely elect their
governments and rulers because corporate America dreads the outcome of democracy in the Muslim world.

America treats me and my people as “children of a lesser God.”

In fact, in the final analysis, America offers me one of two choices:
Either I submissively accept perpetual enslavement and oppression or
become an Osama bin Laden. Honestly, there is not a third choice, if
there is one let us see it.

I’m not exaggerating at all. Everybody knows that America ’s policies

and behaviors in the Muslim world encourages extremism and scuttles moderation.

In fact, I dare say that the first inevitably leads to the second in a
straightforward cause-effect relationship.

So, please America , don’t make me an Osama bin Laden.

I don’t want to be one. I hate to kill innocent people, for, in our
religion, killing an innocent human-being is tantamount to killing the entire human race.

I know that “hate” is wrong. I actually really strive not to allow my hate of the American government and its murderous policies be transformed from the static form to the dynamic form.

However, others, who may even hate America more than I do, will not be able to exercise as much self-control, as much suppression of their
grievances, and as much “wisdom.”

But Static hate is ultimately a frozen
rage, awaiting the moment of explosion.
It is alredy exploding in America ’s face.

I know hate can be blind and deadly. But, I also know that oppression,
as the Holy Qura’n clearly states, is worse than murder.

Hence, I try, even strive, to make my hate of America , as rational as
possible, as constructive as possible, even as human as possible. This
is not because America deserves to be treated humanely.

The exterminators of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Lebanese and Palestinians deserves no respect.

They are despicable mass murders of Hitler’s ilk.

My and my people’s goal is to be free, free from Israel ’s US-sponsored and US-funded oppression and occupation.

I want to be free from Jewish occupation and Jewish apartheid and Jewish racism.

I want to be free from a life of roadblocks, checkpoints, detention
camps, closed-military zones, “targeted killing,” land-confiscation,
home-demolition, and, yes, daily massacres.

I also want to be free from hate, even hate for America . But I know too
well that I can’t be free from the effect until I am free from the
cause, and the cause is America ’s greed, rapacity and hegemony.

All we want is to be left alone and allowed to live a normal life and
exercise our God-given rights and freedoms. like other human beings. Is this asking for too much?

Please, America , don’t make me an Osama bin Laden.


I wrote this article nearly five years ago, a few weeks after the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington . Many people thought then the article was too emotional. However, America ’s behavior in the Muslim world since then, seems to have vindicated every word and every bit of anger in the article.

The recent American-embraced and American-backed Nazi-like Israeli campaign of murder and terror in Lebanon as well as the slow-motion genocide Israel is relentlessly effecting in the Occupied Palestinian territories, especially in the Gaza Strip, are a clarion testimony to America’s diabolical behavior.

In 2001, I warned that American policies and behavior toward the Muslim world, particularly the enduring Palestinian plight, was generating violence, frustration, and indignation throughout the world.

I appealed to America to stop pushing Muslim youngsters to join the ranks of Osama Bin Laden by scandalously embracing Zio-Nazism and its Third Reich-like territorial expansion in the West Bank , the Golan Heights and South Lebanon .

The American administration didn’t listen, called Ariel Sharon, the Israeli certified war criminal a “man of peace,” telling him that settlements built on stolen Arab territory in the West Bank were legal.

Moreover, the Bush Administration, acting under the influence of the Jewish Lobby in Washington, invaded and occupied and destroyed Iraq, resulting in a gigantic catastrophe unseen since the end of the Second World War.

In 2001, America was preoccupied with one man, Osama Bin Laden. Now, five years later, not only Bin Laden is still at large, but thousands upon thousands of Bin Ladens and Zarqawis have appeared thanks to America ’s criminal policies.

In the article I earnestly called on the US to stop embracing corrupt and tyrannical Arab regimes that oppress and humiliate their masses. However, instead of sincerely supporting democracy in the Arab world, the US continued to strengthen these hated regimes.

In the occupied Palestinian territories, America actually has been seeking to strangle and kill the outcome of the only truly democratic elections in the Arab world. Indeed, America, not only imposed a draconian and harsh blockade on the Palestinian people but also conspired with Israel to bar four million helpless men, women and children from accessing food and work, all in order to punish them for electing a government that is unwilling to be at Israel’s beck and call.

Khalid Amayreh

Undermining faith — how israel is secretly destroying the foundation of Aqsa Mosque

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28 August – 3 September 2008
Issue No. 912
Israel continues to burrow beneath the foundations of the Aqsa Mosque in the heart of East Jerusalem, reports Khaled Amayreh

A network of tunnels beneath the Aqsa Mosque, dubbed by the Israeli media as “tourist sites”, has already caused conspicuous cracks in superstructure of the Haram Al-Sharif esplanade which houses many historical sites, including the Dome of the Rock.

“I have no doubt the Israeli government has the will and desire to destroy the Aqsa Mosque. They only want to do it in a way that would make the demolition look as if it was a result of natural causes,” said Sheikh Mohamed Hussein, head of the Supreme Muslim Council which oversees the Jerusalem Sanctuary, considered the third holiest place in Islam. “Everything they do here shows they are hell-bent on destroying this Islamic shrine. It is time that Muslim peoples, Muslim governments and Muslim organisations across the world move to stop this blasphemy. Maybe tomorrow it will be too late.”

The Dome of the Rock

The Dome of the Rock

Palestinian and Muslim officials, including the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), have issued numerous warnings about Israeli excavations in the vicinity of and beneath the mosque, but to no avail.

Last week Jordan, the legal custodian of the Jerusalem sanctuary, asked Israel to stop sabotaging the foundations of the Aqsa Mosque, warning that, “this sensitive issue could set the whole region on fire.”

Israel ignored the Jordanian warning, opting to appease religious Jewish groups advocating the demolition of Islamic and Christian holy places in Jerusalem. Israel is also refusing to allow Muslim experts from the OIC and from UNESCO to inspect excavations beneath the mosque on the grounds that such a step would cast doubts on “Israeli sovereignty” over the occupied Arab city.

The international community, including Israel’s closest ally the United States, does not recognise Israel’s annexation of Eastern Jerusalem which followed the occupation of the city in 1967. Not that this has prevented successive Israeli governments from building huge Jewish settlements in and around the occupied Arab town, reducing East Jerusalem to a virtual ghetto and effectively cutting it off from the rest of the West Bank. The isolation of East Jerusalem has been completed with the construction of the gigantic “separation wall”.

Muslims and Christians from the West Bank are routinely prevented from accessing their holy places in East Jerusalem except for those in possession of special permits from the Israeli domestic intelligence service Shin Beth.

In addition to opening tunnels beneath the Haram Al-Sharif, the Israeli government has also allowed a fanatical Jewish sect, the Chabad movement, to build a synagogue next to the Western section of the Islamic compound. Chabad openly calls for the expulsion or extermination of Palestinians as well as the destruction of Islamic and Christian holy places in Palestine.

Muslim Waqf officials have described the synagogue as “a perpetual source of tension, provocation and harassment” as well as “a foothold” that signals Israel’s ill-intentions towards Islamic holy places.

“The decision to build a synagogue in this particular spot shows that Israel is interested in stoking the fire of religious tension,” said Adnan Al-Husseini, a high-ranking Muslim official in East Jerusalem.

“Clearly Israel is interested in neither peace nor co-existence.”

Israel is not only antagonising and defying the world’s estimated 1.4 billion Muslims but is also suppressing efforts by the Arab minority in Israel to publicise what is happening to Islamic shrines in East Jerusalem.

On 24 August, paramilitary Israeli police stormed and shut down the offices of the Al-Aqsa Foundation in the town of Um Al-Fahm in Israel proper. Documents, including maps and other records pertaining to the Aqsa Mosque, especially the Israeli excavations underneath the Islamic shrine, were confiscated.

The Israeli government claims that the Al-Aqsa Foundation had links with Hamas.

“They are targeting us because of our faith,” said Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic movement in Israel. He added that the foundation was operating legally and that it was licensed by the Israeli authorities. He denied Israeli claims that the foundation was “coordinating with Hamas commanders in East Jerusalem,” describing the accusations as baseless.

Salah has been constantly harassed by Shin Beth for his activities in defence of Islamic holy places in Jerusalem. Several years ago, during a demonstration in Um Al-Fahm, a Shin Beth agent was caught trying to plant hashish in Salah’s pocket.

Palestinian leaders on both sides of the Green Line condemn the “growing persecution by the Israeli state of its Arab citizens”. The Legal Centre for Arab Minority rights in Israel has urged Defence Minister Ehud Barak, who issued the decision to shut down the offices of the Al-Aqsa Foundation, to revoke the decision. It says the measure “seriously infringes the freedom of speech and freedom of religion of the entire Arab minority in Israel”.

The organisation also accused the Israeli government of callousness by shutting down the charity on the eve of the holy month of Ramadan, during which the Islamic movement steps up charity activities.

Israel routinely invokes Hamas connections when it seeks to shut down Islamic charitable institutions both in Israel and in the occupied territories. Earlier this year the Israeli army ransacked Islamic-run charities, businesses, clinics, orphanages and schools across the West Bank, claiming that they were linked to Hamas.

Undermining faith

Undermining faith — how israel is secretly destroying the foundation of Aqsa Mosque