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Veterans Today

May 2, 2010

ISRAELIS BLAME TALIBAN GROUP, ONE THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH FOR YEARSWho would have believed it?  Only days after a warning of an Israeli “false flag” bombing against the US “in the works” a massive car bomb is discovered in Time Square!  Better yet, though no intelligence organization in the world could discover anyone claiming responsibility for this embarrassing failure, SITE Intelligence, a group rumored as the “voice of the Mossad” has placed the blame on the Pakistani Taliban.

This is the same group that has come up with numerous bin Laden “audio” tapes, seemingly, though tiny and nearly totally unstaffed, whenever it is convenient for Israel to point a finger at someone, magically Site Intelligence, run by former IDF soldier Rita Katz, whose father was executed as a spy by Saddam Hussein, makes another “unbelievable” intelligence find.

Site Intelligence finds are not only timely for Israel, when the world is focused on claims they have been planning a ‘dirty bomb’ attack to send the US to war against Iran, but always tend to support mysterious organizations [associated with Jewish Adam “Gadahn” Pearlman: 800] run from the caves of the Afghanistan/Pakistan border region.


After the demise of Iraq, victim of falsified intelligence, now eliminated as an Israeli competitor, all eyes turned to Pakistan, Islam’s only nuclear state.  To establish footholds to destabilize Pakistan, a pro-Indian/Israeli government under President Karzai was installed in Kabul.

After 9 years, no evidence of any terrorist activity involved in 9/11 has been found in Afghanistan.  The great “net” meant to catch Osama bin Laden and armies of Al Qaeda terrorists came up empty.  Instead, we are told from reliable sources that Arab nations friendly to the US released criminals, transporting them to Afghanistan.

These “foreign fighters” actually little more than “extras” in a massive global theatre, kept the small US forces engaged for years, all without any purpose other than to establish that a terrorist organization must have been in Afghanistan because there certainly was one after 2002.


In addition to installing a government that would work directly with Israel and India to organize terrorist attacks on Pakistan, funding to destabilize the oil and gas rich republics of the former Soviet Union had to be raised.

Opium production under the Taliban had been eliminated.  The new government quickly began a resurgence of opium production and heroin processing.  Aided by agents of the Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad, the governments of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan quickly fell under the influence of the 65 billion dollar a year Afghanistan drug empire.

Though the drugs may have been from Afghanistan, multiple intelligence agencies from Israel, India, Turkey and others, aided by military contracting firms contracted to the CIA, carried this plan forward.

Continual news stories tying Pakistan to failures to suppress terrorism or rumoring involvement in terrorism themselves flowed onto the world scene through western mainstream media, providing a clear footprint of a classic Mossad operation.


With the demise of Al Qaeda, an unnamed Taliban organization with a website only visible to one person on earth has now declared a mysterious and shadowy war against the United States, in New York City, a city under tight security but one with a very large Israeli/Mossad presence.

This was the same city where the “dancing Israeli’s,” celebrated 9/11 after filming the attacks.  Their advance knowledge of the attacks has been one of the many puzzle pieces tying Israel to 9/11.

However, it wasn’t until the “crotch bomber” of last Christmas that the breadth of Israel’s penetration of US security was demonstrated with Abdulmohammed’s attack tying directly to Tel Aviv.

Anyone who visits New York is aware that security there, especially in Time Square is the highest of anywhere in the world.  The intelligence organizations protecting New York, including the world’s best police force, leave only one organization as capable of this kind of effort, an organization with massive resources in the area, numerous Israeli/American assets and many residual relationships with Gulliani/Kerik/Bush era friends, friends conveniently “asleep at the switch” on 9/11.


Recent intelligence leaks from several agencies have warned of an impending “9/11 style” attack on a high value target in the US or Europe.  Reports indicated that a conventional bomb enhanced with nuclear material would be used.  Such a weapon would indicate sufficient “WMD” credentials in whipping up the necessary war frenzy to get the American public to overlook the history of falsified intelligence that drove them to war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

However, a quickly thrown together “prank” terror attack taking advantage of the environmental disaster in the gulf and the president’s presence there, when coordinated with the press campaign already in motion attempting to smear the Obama administration with the Katrina failures during the Bush presidency, is just too convenient.

With Iranian president Ahmadinejad and Secretary of State Clinton both scheduled to be in New York in the next 24 hours, and recent stories out of Israel trying to tie Iran to the Taliban, the issue of “timing” is a critical one.

The “managed press” aspect of this attack, the phony “web based” confession, the “keeping you safe” scare tactics and the continual drumming of Islamophobia is unmistakable.


The group blamed in the Site Intelligence/Israeli report, the Pakistani Taliban has been responsible for hundreds of attacks in Pakistan, killing thousands of citizens.  However, reliable sources have tied this group directly to Mossad/RAW training camps inside Afghanistan and Balochistan.  The Pakistani Taliban have long been allies of Israel and India with 2000 terrorist trainers inside Afghanistan arming Pakistani Taliban terrorist group.

This has been confirmed, not only in direct briefings with the Pakistani ISPR and ISI but US military intelligence sources as well, who dispute the number of terrorist trainers, not their presence.

Terrorist groups inside Balochistan, the remote Pakistan province said to be a haven for Mossad attacks against Iran, claim to be headquartered in Israel.  These groups work directly with the Pakistan Taliban and are another indication of this current “stunt” turning back on non-Islamic planners.


With Iran taking the propaganda offensive to the United States, a nation increasingly distancing itself from, not only the idea of supporting an Israeli attack on Iran, but Israel herself.  Israel is under pressure to reestablish itself as America’s partner in a long discredited “war on terror” that has been a huge embarrassment to the US.

A “very public” attack like his is a message to President Obama.  “We can go where we want and our control of the press will put the blame on anything we do, on you.”

With over 90% of America’s terror arrests turning out to be innocent bystanders, some tortured for years, untold numbers “disappeared,” Bush era failures have soured public support for hunting terrorist leaders who have increasingly been either captured by Pakistan or have been found to be negotiating with US forces.  The “war on terror” had become an “Israeli franchise,” making billions in increased military aid, some covertly transferred to Israel through “weapons replenishing” and fat military contracts taken from American firms.

The Marines in Afghanistan are using MRAP vehicles built in Israel, a country with nearly one million guest workers while America has over 30 million unemployed and an unused technology and industrial base better equipped for such production.

With the signature of this bombing being so close to that of the “crotch bombing,” an attack with Israeli fingerprints from Nigeria to Yemen to Amsterdam, the “superfast” accusation against a Pakistani group was no surprise.


With New York police discounting the Pakistan connection to the bombing immediately, Fox News has unleashed an attack on the Obama administration in a well orchestrated manner, accusing democrats of “failing to protect the American people.”

With both Site Intelligence and Fox News tied directly to Israel and the signature and timing of this attack showing clear Israeli fingerprints, Fox may be right.

America may be unable to protect itself from a nation still seen by most Americans as a close ally.  No other nation has the capability of such an attack or the influence to orchestrate the news, an act already in motion.

If any finger is pointing anywhere, Fox News is telling us “Israel did it.”


IT’S OFFICIAL: ‘Al-Qaeda’ spokesman Adam Gadahn (a.k.a. Pearlman) is scion of Jewish ADL

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Agent_pearlmanEven the (Jewish-run) mainstream media now admits that ‘Adam Ghadan’ — an ‘Al-Qaeda’ spokesman known for making absurd calls-to-arms against ‘infidels’ and ‘Zio-Crusaders’ — is, in fact, the grandson of a prominent board member of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League:
The Los Angeles Times: ‘Gadahn’s grandfather was Dr. Carl K. Pearlman, a well-known Orange County urologist who died in 1998.’

Haaretz: ‘Gadahn’s grandfather was well-known urologist Carl Pearlman, an active member of the Jewish community in Orange County California.’

The Orange County Register (2006): Carl Pearlman’s activism included ‘serving as the first local chairman of the Bonds for Israel campaign and then as chairman of the United Jewish Welfare Fund. He was on the board of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)…’

For the complete text of these articles (along with one from CNN that neglects to mention the name ‘Pearlman’ once), READ MORE.

American Al-Qaeda member Adam Gadahn tells of Jewish roots in video
The Los Angeles Times

June 14, 2009

Adam Gadahn, a Southern California-raised man self-described as American Al-Qaeda has released a new video in which he talks about his Jewish ancestry.

Gadahn, known as “Azzam the American”, lived in Garden Grove in the 1990s after growing up on a goat farm in rural Riverside County. The FBI said he converted to Islam as a youth, left the United States around 1998 and later was associated with senior Al Qaeda lieutenant Abu Zubaida in Pakistan and attended training camps in Afghanistan.

In the new video, obtained by CNN, Gadahn talks about his background. “Let me here tell you something about myself and my biography, in which there is a benefit and a lesson,” Gadahn said. “Your speaker has Jews in his ancestry, the last of whom was his grandfather.”

Gadahn’s grandfather was Dr. Carl K. Pearlman, a well-known Orange County urologist who died in 1998. Pearlman, who was Jewish, received a community-service award in 1985 from the Orange County chapter of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, which has since changed its name to the National Conference for Community and Justice, for his work in the expansion of St. Joseph Hospital in Orange.

In the video, Gadahn refers to his grandfather, saying he was “a zealous supporter of the usurper entity, and a prominent member of a number of Zionist hate organizations. … He used to repeat to me what he claimed are the virtues of this entity and encouraged me to visit it, specifically the city of Tel Aviv, where relatives of ours live,” he said.

The above article can be found at:

American Al-Qaida member acknowledges his Jewish roots
Haaretz (Israel)

June 14, 2009

An American Al-Qaida member has for the first time acknowledged his Jewish ancestry, in an official video message released over the weekend by the international terrorist network.

Adam Yahiye Gadahn — who also goes by the name Azzam the American — declared his roots in a video which surfaced on Saturday, using the opportunity to urge Muslims to use “our weapons, funds and Jihad against the Jews and their allies everywhere.”

“Let me here tell you something about myself and my biography, in which there is a benefit and a lesson,” Gadahn says in the video, speaking in Arabic with English subtitles. “Your speaker has Jews in his ancestry, the last of whom was his grandfather.”

Gadahn, 30, was raised in rural California and converted to Islam in the mid-1990s, when he moved to Pakistan and joined Al-Qaida. In 2006, the United States has charged him with treason and with providing material support to Al-Qaida. The FBI has placed him on its most wanted list and is offering a $1 million reward for his capture.

In the video, Gadahn describes his grandfather as a “Zionist” and “zealous supporter of the usurper entity, and a prominent member of a number of Zionist hate organizations… He used to repeat to me what he claimed are the virtues of this entity and encouraged me to visit [Israel], specifically the city of Tel Aviv, where relatives of ours live.”

Gadahn’s grandfather was well-known urologist Carl Pearlman, an active member of the Jewish community in Orange County California.

Gadahn says that despite his grandfather’s attempt to impart the ideology, he could never embrace “the Jews’ rape of Muslim Palestine.”

How can a person with an ounce of self-respect possibly stand in the ranks of criminals and killers who have no morals, no mercy, no humanity and indeed, no honor?” Gadahn says of Zionism. “Isn’t it shameful enough for a person to carry the citizenship of America, the symbol of oppression and tyranny and advocate of terror in the world?”

Although Gadahn’s Jewish roots have been reported before in the media, terrorism analyst Laura Mansfield told CNN that this was the first official acknowledgement. According to Mansfield, the video was probably taped in spring, prior to U.S. President Barack Obama’s address to the Muslim world in Cairo

The above article can be found at:
Here’s another article on the same subject by CNN, which, while neglecting to mention the name ‘Pearlman’ once, provides what now unfortunately passes for ‘analysis’:

American al-Qaeda member acknowledges Jewish ancestry

June 13, 2009

In a new anti-Israel, anti-U.S. video, an American al Qaeda member makes reference to his Jewish ancestry for the first time in an official al-Qaeda message.

In the video, Adam Yahiye Gadahn, also known as Azzam the American, discusses his roots as he castigates U.S. policies and deplores Israel’s offensive in Gaza that started in late December 2008 and continued into January. [This is an obvious device aimed at associating sympathy for the besieged Palestinians with the evil ‘Al-Qaeda,’ perpetrators of the heinous 9/11 attacks, in the bemused mind of the average American — 800]

“Let me here tell you something about myself and my biography, in which there is a benefit and a lesson,” Gadahn says, as he elicits support from his fellow Muslims for “our weapons, funds and Jihad against the Jews and their allies everywhere.”

“Your speaker has Jews in his ancestry, the last of whom was his grandfather,” he says.

Growing up in rural California, Gadahn embraced Islam in the mid-1990s, moved to Pakistan and has appeared in al Qaeda videos before.

He was indicted in the United States in 2006 on charges of treason and material support to al-Qaeda, according to the FBI. Gadahn is on the FBI’s Most Wanted List, with a reward of up to $1 million leading to his capture. FBI records show Gadahn’s date of birth as September 1, 1978.

The video — in which Gadahn speaks Arabic, with English subtitles — surfaced on Saturday. This account is based on an English transcript provided by As-Sahab Media, the media production company used by al Qaeda.

Gadahn’s Jewish ancestry has been reported in the news media. But terrorism analyst Laura Mansfield says it is the first time Gadahn acknowledged his Jewish ancestry in an official al Qaeda message.

Gadahn says his grandfather was a “Zionist” and “a zealous supporter of the usurper entity, and a prominent member of a number of Zionist hate organizations.”

“He used to repeat to me what he claimed are the virtues of this entity and encouraged me to visit it, specifically the city of Tel Aviv, where relatives of ours live,” says Gadahn, referring to Israel.

He says his grandfather gave him a book by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called “A Place Among the Nations” — in which the “rabid Zionist” sets out “feeble arguments and unmasked lies to justify the Jews’ rape of Muslim Palestine.”

But Gadahn says that despite his youth at the time, he didn’t heed his grandfather’s words.

“How can a person with an ounce of self-respect possibly stand in the ranks of criminals and killers who have no morals, no mercy, no humanity and indeed, no honor?” he says in reference to Zionists and Israel.

“Isn’t it shameful enough for a person to carry the citizenship of America, the symbol of oppression and tyranny and advocate of terror in the world?”

Mansfield thinks the video may have been made between late April and mid-May, before President Obama’s speech in Cairo, Egypt, addressing U.S. relations with Muslims.

Gadahn notes Obama’s inauguration, Netanyahu’s election in February, and Obama’s speech in Turkey in April.

Specifically mentioning the Gaza offensive and citing other hot spots such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Somalia, where the “Zio-Crusader alliance” is fighting his “brothers,” he says “this open-faced aggression” comes as Obama has risen to power. [By stressing the notion of a ‘Zio-Crusader alliance,’ Gadahn — in actuality a Mossad operative — is simply trying to make Al-Qaeda appear as a common enemy to both Christians and Jews, thus cementing the unholy alliance between badly misled ‘Christian Zionists’ and Israel — 800]

He scorns Obama’s statements in his inaugural address and in Turkey that America isn’t and won’t be at war with Islam, and “other deceptive, false and sugarcoated words of endearment and respect.” He says Obama’s language is similar to words Netanyahu uttered in the Knesset in 1996.

Gadahn also backs the idea of targeting “Zio-Crusader” interests anywhere in the world, not just “within Palestine.”

The above article can be found at:
Finally, note this September 2006 article from the Orange County Register — the first of three parts — which explicitly states that Dr. Carl K. Pearlman was not only ‘active in the Jewish community,’ but a card-carrying board member of the Jewish ADL:

Radical conversion
The Orange County Register

September 24, 2006

SANTA ANA — When Dr. Donald Martin took over as chief of the urology department at Orange County General Hospital in 1969, he felt lucky.

He inherited the job from Dr. Carl K. Pearlman, then 60, a highly respected doctor who was gracious and generous to a young man of 39.

Martin came to know Pearlman as a good doctor, a social activist, and a mentor to many young men training in medicine. So he wasn’t surprised in the mid-1990s when Pearlman told him he was taking in his grandson.

“Carl was very sweet,” Martin recalled. “He said, ‘He’s having some problems, so I’ll take him under my roof, under my wing.'”

Pearlman died in 1998, and Martin didn’t think about his friend’s confidence until six years later.

That’s when, in May 2004, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that Pearlman’s grandson, Adam Yahiye Gadahn, was part of a group of Islamic fundamentalists being sought by the FBI for questioning because of ties to al-Qaida. Gadahn was “armed and dangerous,” the FBI said.

Martin was astonished to learn that a young man related to Pearlman, a Jew who won a humanitarian award for promoting peace among religions, could be part of one of the fiercest anti-Semitic terror organizations in the world. A family known for its love of social tolerance, education and the arts suddenly had to answer for violence-spewing videos featuring Gadahn, now known as “Azzam the American,” an angry and articulate voice calling for the streets of his own country “to run red with blood.”

“I often think of how heartbroken he’d be,” Martin said of his old friend. “To have this happen to him would have been very painful. It’s unbelievable.” The three generations of Pearlmans — Carl Pearlman, his son, Phil, and grandson, Adam — were intelligent men who lived their lives according to their deeply held convictions. They loved music, were described as leaders, and all sought change in the world.

But the similarities end there. Because father to son, there was not only rebellion against the elder, as might be expected, but an extreme reaction to birthright and, ultimately, the rejection of traditional society.

Carl Pearlman, a leading Orange County doctor who championed new medical technologies, had a son who changed his name to Seth Gadahn and opted to live off the land.

Seth Gadahn’s son, Adam, home-schooled in the family’s wooden shack and raised in rural isolation, moved away from his family as a teenager and settled into his grandfather’s Santa Ana home, discovering the Internet and Islam. He converted at a Garden Grove mosque in 1995 and fell in with a group of Islamic fundamentalists.

Adam Gadahn was described as a quiet and shy boy who came from a good family. Now 28, he’s ranting righteously as propaganda minister for Osama bin Laden.

Like many life stories with such contrasts, Adam Gadahn’s is marked by a quest for meaning and, at least in the beginning, hope.

Urban pioneers

Carl Pearlman, his wife, Agnes, and two small children arrived in Santa Ana in 1948 from the East Coast.

They were urban pioneers in Orange County, then a sleepy agricultural area defined by its fruit groves and pretty, pristine beaches. They took part in the activities cherished by the millions who were moving to California — a life lived outdoors, including swimming in a backyard pool, golf and bike riding.

But the Pearlmans pushed this utopian new lifestyle further than most, and were bent on improving the common good, whether through arts education, helping the poor or promoting good health.

This lifestyle extended from the Orange County coast to the California mountains. From the early 1950s, the Pearlmans were some of the first board members of what was then called the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts, a summer academy in a small, picturesque town in the San Jacinto Mountains. There, in 1957, the family built a cabin designed by John Lautner, an early disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright’s and an important contemporary architect.

Lautner believed that human spaces must intersect with nature, and is known for landmarks from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. Now showcased as “the Pearlman cabin” among Lautner’s body of work, it is “a cross between a log cabin and a treehouse,” as one Lautner book says, a circular building that lies open to a beautiful, panoramic view of snow-capped Tahquitz Peak.

Agnes Pearlman was a fine pianist, and her baby grand piano commands a presence in front of the huge windows, signifying the importance of music to the family. Carl Pearlman played the violin, practicing daily until the age of 88. Their children, Phil and his sister Nancy, took part in the programs at the Idyllwild school, a 250-acre campus just down the road from the Pearlman cabin.

From the start, the school attracted legendary artists. Ansel Adams taught photography classes to kids and their parents from 1958 to 1960, and Meredith Willson was guest composer in 1949, writing parts of “The Music Man” there. Pete Seeger, guitar in hand, often led singalongs around the evening campfires after his folk music classes from 1957 to 1963.

Agnes Pearlman, now 83 and still living in the family’s modest Santa Ana home, remains connected to the school, which has become the Idyllwild Arts Academy, a private college-preparatory and prestigious year-round boarding school. Most recently, she sent money to the school for its Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

A musical background

The passion for music was also reflected in Santa Ana, and Carl Pearlman was proud to say that the Orange County Philharmonic Society was started in his living room in the early 1950s. Nancy and Phil both graduated from Brickerward Preparatory, a now-defunct Orange County school that stressed arts education.

The Pearlmans held lively musical evenings for their friends, Carl on violin and Agnes on piano, sitting on a platform in their large living room.

They played classical music — Vivaldi, Schubert, Dvorak — but would finish with Carl’s favorites, Rodgers and Hammerstein show tunes. Carl’s partner, Dr. J. Bernard Miller, loved these evenings and said he always requested the song “Mame” from the musical of the same name.

The couple’s children inherited this love of music, a passion that seems coupled with a sense of leadership. While attending UC Irvine in the mid-1960s, Phil Pearlman brought the latest bands to campus, and friends thought he would become a music promoter.

A guitar player, Phil Pearlman started a psychedelic band called Beat of the Earth, and its 1967 recording is a cult favorite often bootlegged by aficionados. Original recordings command $400 to $500.

Reflected in the third generation, Adam Gadahn had his own passion for music. It played out in a rebellious teenage phase as a love for demonic heavy metal, and he once wrote for a death-metal online magazine called Xenocide.

In a separate essay he penned about becoming a Muslim, Adam Gadahn told of his brief obsession with the genre, which he said “rightfully” alarmed his family.

Now, the boy who grew up with his grandfather’s classical music and his father’s 1960s sounds probably doesn’t listen to music at all.

Osama bin Laden considers music “the flute of the devil” and covers his ears when he hears it, according to “The Looming Tower,” a book about the al-Qaida leader by Lawrence Wright.

A doctor and duffer

Ever the doctor, Carl Pearlman also loved golf and would practice it as diligently as his daily violin, using a driving net in the back yard.

Warm and funny, he loved to tell jokes while with patients, at presentations for colleagues and when lecturing during 20 years of volunteer teaching at UC Irvine.

“As doctors, you’ll learn to deal with adversity, frustration, setbacks and even catastrophe,” Pearlman told his students. “But enough about golf.”

Carl Pearlman was a leader in the early medical associations and hospitals that sprouted up around the county’s growing population in the 1950s and ’60s. During his 50-year career, he was chief of staff at Orange County General Hospital, chief of staff at Santa Ana Community Hospital (now Western Medical Center) and chairman of the first expansion fund for St. Joseph Hospital.

“He had an outstanding reputation when he was in practice,” said Dr. Frank Amato, a former president of the Orange County Medical Association. “He was a good physician.”

He was an activist in the early medical community, opposed to hospitals operating for profit and disgusted that the county facility was “nothing but a poor farm” when he arrived in 1949. Carl Pearlman offered his services for free when the parents of one of his patients, a 17-year-old Villa Park girl, couldn’t afford a kidney transplant for their daughter in 1969.

Pearlman’s friend, Dr. Donald Martin, was on the team of this historic local event, the county’s first kidney transplant. Colleagues remember Pearlman as a champion of new medical technologies and one of the few doctors who were not threatened when the University of California system decided to create a teaching hospital in Orange County in the late 1960s, Martin said.

Community leader

Pearlman’s activism included devoting time to the YMCA, serving as the first local chairman of the Bonds for Israel campaign and then as chairman of the United Jewish Welfare Fund.

He was on the board of the Anti-Defamation League [!!!] and in 1985 was honored with a humanitarian award by the Orange County chapter of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, now called the National Conference for Community and Justice.

Pearlman’s friends said he didn’t practice his religion by, say, belonging to a synagogue, and Agnes Pearlman came from a Christian background.

Holidays were social times, and Pearlman’s partner, Miller, remembers the Pearlmans’ annual Christmas party as one to look forward to every year. Their children were raised to think freely about religion, and Nancy Pearlman has said they were agnostics.

Although Pearlman’s colleagues described him as “completely secular,” they also recalled that he was a supporter of Israel, which was created just about the time the Pearlmans moved to their home in Santa Ana’s Floral Park neighborhood.

“In our conversations, he had a very strong feeling for Israel,” said Dr. Mel Singer, a pediatric cardiologist in Orange. “He felt very sincerely and deeply that he wanted that country to survive and make peace with the Arab nations around it.”

A grandson’s conversion

By the mid-1990s, about the time Pearlman took his grandson into his home, the doctor was already joking about his death. He was adamant that he didn’t want a service but that he wanted to be buried in Riverside National Cemetery, so the family could wave at him as they drove to the cabin in Idyllwild.

He probably knew of Adam Gadahn’s conversion to Islam, which occurred in 1995. But it’s not known how the grandfather felt about Adam’s new beliefs. Family members declined to comment for this story, although Nancy Pearlman confirmed most details.

Adam Gadahn had already taken one trip to Pakistan by the time of his grandfather’s death on Oct. 18, 1998, at the age of 90. He returned to the United States and was with the family when his grandfather died. Soon thereafter, he left for Pakistan. It’s believed he has never returned to America.

On the third anniversary of 9/11 in 2004, Adam Gadahn, his face partly covered in a black scarf, warned America and Britain via video that it was time for “either pragmatic surrender or a protracted, painful war.”

“We love peace, but peace on our terms, peace laid down by Islam, not the so-called peace of occupiers and dictators,” said Gadahn, punctuating his words with a finger pointed at the camera and adding that the followers of Osama bin Laden “love nothing better than the heat of battle, the echo of explosions and slitting the throats of the infidels.” [Does anyone take this stuff seriously? — 800]

Fiery speech from the grandson of a man who left behind a legacy built on justice, tolerance and helping the oppressed. In a little red notebook he always carried with him, Pearlman also left behind some of his favorite sayings, quotes that reinforced his beliefs. Among those is this one by Benjamin Franklin:

“There never was a good war or a bad peace.”

Source material
The Orange County Register reported this story through source interviews, public records, historical archives and Internet sites. Any material previously published is attributed. Although Adam Yahiye Gadahn’s family declined interviews, his aunt, Nancy Pearlman, confirmed many details for this series.
Sources: Amanda Spake, Adam Ruelas, Dr. Donald Martin, Dr. J. Bernard Miller, Dr. Mel Singer, Dr. Frank Amato, Glen Pritzker, Haitham Bundakji, Harold Copus, Jon Konrath, Michael Rowe, Nancy Lund, Patrick Lundborg, Ryan Olson, Saraah Olson, Steven Rowe, Rita Katz.
Public records: California Department of Consumer Affairs, California secretary of state, Orange County criminal records, Riverside County criminal records, Los Angeles County criminal records, Los Angeles County voter registration, Orange County voter registration, Riverside County voter registration, Los Angeles County property records, Orange County property records, Riverside County property records, UC Irvine registrar
Historical archives: Idyllwild Arts Academy Museum, Idyllwild Town Crier, Orange County Medical Association, Philharmonic Society of Orange County, Santa Ana Public Library, Orange County Register archives, UC Irvine special collections
Books: “Terrorist Hunter” by Anonymous (Rita Katz), “John Lautner,” by Barbara-Ann Campbell-Lange, “The Architecture of John Lautner,” by Alan Hess and photographs by Alan Weintraub, “The Dream Endures” by Kevin Starr, “The Looming Tower,” by Lawrence Wright

The above article, along with parts two and three, can be found at:

Israeli cyber-Spies Penetrated Electricity Grid in U.S. and blame it on China & Russia

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going-off-the-grid-1-customElectricity Grid in U.S. Penetrated By Spies
The Wall Street Journal

APRIL 8, 2009

WASHINGTON — Cyberspies have penetrated the U.S. electrical grid and left behind software programs that could be used to disrupt the system, according to current and former national-security officials.

[SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) — More cyber attacks originate in the United States than in any other country, but the number of attacks that appear to come from Israel is nearly double that of any other nation, according to a study released Monday. (2002)

The study found that power and energy companies were primarily targeted by the Middle East {Israel} while high-tech and financial services companies were targeted by Asian attackers.

Israel, which has produced security software specialists such as Checkpoint and Kavado, produced more cyber attacks per head of population than any other nation, at 26 attacks per 10,000 internet users.

Sources inform Globes that representatives of the R&D department of Chinese communications equipment giant Huawei arrived in Israel this week to examine the possibility of establishing an R&D center in Israel. (2004)]

The spies came from China, Russia and other countries, these officials said, and were believed to be on a mission to navigate the U.S. electrical system and its controls. The intruders haven’t sought to damage the power grid or other key infrastructure, but officials warned they could try during a crisis or war.

“The Chinese have attempted to map our infrastructure, such as the electrical grid,” said a senior intelligence official. “So have the Russians.”

The espionage appeared pervasive across the U.S. and doesn’t target a particular company or region, said a former Department of Homeland Security official. “There are intrusions, and they are growing,” the former official said, referring to electrical systems. “There were a lot last year.”

Many of the intrusions were detected not by the companies in charge of the infrastructure but by U.S. intelligence agencies, officials said. Intelligence officials worry about cyber attackers taking control of electrical facilities, a nuclear power plant or financial networks via the Internet.

Authorities investigating the intrusions have found software tools left behind that could be used to destroy infrastructure components, the senior intelligence official said. He added, “If we go to war with them, they will try to turn them on.”

Officials said water, sewage and other infrastructure systems also were at risk.

“Over the past several years, we have seen cyberattacks against critical infrastructures abroad, and many of our own infrastructures are as vulnerable as their foreign counterparts,” Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair recently told lawmakers. “A number of nations, including Russia and China, can disrupt elements of the U.S. information infrastructure.”

Officials cautioned that the motivation of the cyberspies wasn’t well understood, and they don’t see an immediate danger. China, for example, has little incentive to disrupt the U.S. economy because it relies on American consumers and holds U.S. government debt.

But protecting the electrical grid and other infrastructure is a key part of the Obama administration’s cybersecurity review, which is to be completed next week. Under the Bush administration, Congress approved $17 billion in secret funds to protect government networks, according to people familiar with the budget. The Obama administration is weighing whether to expand the program to address vulnerabilities in private computer networks, which would cost billions of dollars more. A senior Pentagon official said Tuesday the Pentagon has spent $100 million in the past six months repairing cyber damage.

Overseas examples show the potential havoc. In 2000, a disgruntled employee rigged a computerized control system at a water-treatment plant in Australia, releasing more than 200,000 gallons of sewage into parks, rivers and the grounds of a Hyatt hotel.

Last year, a senior Central Intelligence Agency official, Tom Donahue, told a meeting of utility company representatives in New Orleans that a cyberattack had taken out power equipment in multiple regions outside the U.S. The outage was followed with extortion demands, he said.

The U.S. electrical grid comprises three separate electric networks, covering the East, the West and Texas. Each includes many thousands of miles of transmission lines, power plants and substations. The flow of power is controlled by local utilities or regional transmission organizations. The growing reliance of utilities on Internet-based communication has increased the vulnerability of control systems to spies and hackers, according to government reports.

The sophistication of the U.S. intrusions — which extend beyond electric to other key infrastructure systems — suggests that China and Russia are mainly responsible, according to intelligence officials and cybersecurity specialists. While terrorist groups could develop the ability to penetrate U.S. infrastructure, they don’t appear to have yet mounted attacks, these officials say.

It is nearly impossible to know whether or not an attack is government-sponsored because of the difficulty in tracking true identities in cyberspace. U.S. officials said investigators have followed electronic trails of stolen data to China and Russia.

Russian and Chinese officials have denied any wrongdoing. “These are pure speculations,” said Yevgeniy Khorishko, a spokesman at the Russian Embassy. “Russia has nothing to do with the cyberattacks on the U.S. infrastructure, or on any infrastructure in any other country in the world.”

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington, Wang Baodong, said the Chinese government “resolutely oppose[s] any crime, including hacking, that destroys the Internet or computer network” and has laws barring the practice. China was ready to cooperate with other countries to counter such attacks, he said, and added that “some people overseas with Cold War mentality are indulged in fabricating the sheer lies of the so-called cyberspies in China.”

Utilities are reluctant to speak about the dangers. “Much of what we’ve done, we can’t talk about,” said Ray Dotter, a spokesman at PJM Interconnection LLC, which coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in 13 states and the District of Columbia. He said the organization has beefed up its security, in conformance with federal standards.

In January 2008, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved new protection measures that required improvements in the security of computer servers and better plans for handling attacks.

Last week, Senate Democrats introduced a proposal that would require all critical infrastructure companies to meet new cybersecurity standards and grant the president emergency powers over control of the grid systems and other infrastructure.

Specialists at the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, a nonprofit research institute, said attack programs search for openings in a network, much as a thief tests locks on doors. Once inside, these programs and their human controllers can acquire the same access and powers as a systems administrator. NERC Letter

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation on Tuesday warned its members that not all of them appear to be adhering to cybersecuirty requirements. Read the letter.

The White House review of cybersecurity programs is studying ways to shield the electrical grid from such attacks, said James Lewis, who directed a study for the Center for Strategic and International Studies and has met with White House reviewers.

The reliability of the grid is ultimately the responsibility of the North American Electric Reliability Corp., an independent standards-setting organization overseen by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The NERC set standards last year requiring companies to designate “critical cyber assets.” Companies, for example, must check the backgrounds of employees and install firewalls to separate administrative networks from those that control electricity flow. The group will begin auditing compliance in July. —Rebecca Smith contributed to this article.

Corrections & Amplifications
Central Inteligence Agency official Tom Donahue’s last name was misspelled in a previous version of this article.

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Study: Most cyber attacks originate in U.S., Israel

USA Today
January 28, 2002

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) — More cyber attacks originate in the United States than in any other country, but the number of attacks that appear to come from Israel is nearly double that of any other nation, according to a study released Monday.

High-tech, financial services, media/entertainment and power and energy companies showed the highest intensity of attacks per company, each averaging more than 700 attacks per company over the six-month period.

On a percentage basis, most of the attacks were relatively benign in nature. But the number of severe attacks was still substantial, with critical and emergency-level events detected on 43% of the client networks, the study found.

“In fact, our findings strongly suggest that once companies connect their systems to the Internet, they are virtually guaranteed to suffer some form of attack,” the report said.

Average attacks per company increased by nearly 80% over the six months studied.

Israel leads the list of countries in terms of number of computer attacks per 10,000 Internet users, followed by Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, France, Turkey, Malaysia, Poland, Taiwan and Denmark, according to the study from Riptech, a firm that provides security monitoring of corporate and other computer networks.

“Israel is a country with pretty sophisticated warfare capabilities,” that spread through the relatively computer-literate general population, said Amit Yoran, president and chief executive of Alexandria, Va.-based Riptech.

For the study, Riptech investigated more than 128,000 cyber attacks found in the analysis of 5.5 billion log entries and alerts on its customer’s networks between July and December. The company has about 300 customers in 25 countries.

While most attacks can be traced back to what is believed to be the source country, it is possible for malicious hackers to hide their exact location, according to Yoran.

The study found that attacks that appeared to originate in the United States — nearly 30% of the total — were nearly triple the second-ranked country. But only about 3.5 attacks were made per 10,000 U.S. Internet users, compared with 26 attacks per 10,000 Internet users in Israel, the study found.

Behind the United States in percentage of total attacks was South Korea, China, Germany, France, Canada, Taiwan, Italy, Great Britain and Japan.

Middle East targets power; Asia targets finance

The study found that power and energy companies were primarily targeted by the Middle East while high-tech and financial services companies were targeted by Asian attackers.

Of particular note was the fact that the Code Red and Nimda worms were so predominant — accounting for about 63% of the malicious activity detected by Riptech — that they were excluded from the study.

“We had to pull them out or they would have completely skewed any type of analysis,” said Yoran. “They were just so prevalent over that six month period.”

Excluding Nimda, attacks dipped during the week following Sept. 11 but began to rise in the third week of September, peaking in the middle of November and declining slightly in early December, according to the study.

Companies with more than 500 employees suffered at least 50% more attacks than smaller companies, while public companies suffered about twice as many attacks as private and non-profit companies.

Thirty-nine percent of the attacks looked targeted, appearing to be deliberate attempts to compromise a specific system or company. “That was just mindboggling to me,” Yoran said.

Yoran said the study was different from most in that it relied on actual attack data rather than surveys of network administrators or other company officials, which Yoran said are not always accurate.

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China”s Huawei mulling Israel R&D center
Asia Intelligence Wire

October 27, 2004

Sources inform Globes that representatives of the R&D department of Chinese communications equipment giant Huawei arrived in Israel this week to examine the possibility of establishing an R&D center in Israel.

The visit follows Minister of Industry Trade and Labor Ehud Olmert”s visit to China in June. Olmert was accompanied by a business delegation, which met Huawei chief manager Zhang Laifa. Olmert invited Zhang to establish an R&D center in Israel and to attend the Telecom Israel 2004 exhibition in November.

Amiram Halevy-Laher, director of the Asia Pacific division at the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor foreign trade administration, confirmed the report. He said the visit by Huawei R&D representatives and the expected visit by Zhang next month were initial steps for examining the possible establishment of a Huawei R&D center in Israel.

A delegation of Israel high-tech businesspeople and Israeli Industry Center for R&D (MATIMOP) representatives recently visited Shezhen in China, where it established relations with Huawei”s R&D department. Following the meeting in Shenzhen, Huawei”s R&D staff will also meet MATIMOP representatives in Israel.

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Spy chiefs fear Chinese cyber attack
Times Online

March 29, 2009

INTELLIGENCE chiefs have warned that China may have gained the capability to shut down Britain by crippling its telecoms and utilities.

They have told ministers of their fears that equipment installed by Huawei, the Chinese telecoms giant, in BT’s new communications network could be used to halt critical services such as power, food and water supplies.

The warnings coincide with growing cyberwarfare attacks on Britain by foreign governments, particularly Russia and China.

A confidential document circulating in Whitehall says that while BT has taken steps to reduce the risk of attacks by hackers or organised crime, “we believe that the mitigating measures are not effective against deliberate attack by China”.

It is understood that Alex Allan, chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), briefed members of the ministerial committee on national security about the threat from China at a top-secret Whitehall meeting in January.

According to Whitehall sources, the meeting, led by Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, heard that ministers had “not paid sufficient attention to the threat in the past”, despite repeated warnings from the intelligence services. These included warnings from the security arm of GCHQ, which expressed concern because government departments, the intelligence services and the military will all use the new BT network.

A Whitehall report is understood to warn that, although there is at present a “low” risk of China exploiting its capability, “the impact would be very high”.

Huawei was allegedly founded with significant funding from the Chinese state. Its head is Ren Zhengfei, a former director of the telecoms research arm of the 3m-strong People’s Liberation Army.

The company is providing key components for BT’s new £10 billion network, which will update the UK’s telecoms with the use of internet technology. The report says the potential threat from Huawei “has been demonstrated elsewhere in the world”.

The multi-million-pound deal, signed in 2005, has led to a string of risk warnings from the intelligence and security services, with officials complaining of the failure of ministers to take them seriously.

It is unclear whether Patricia Hewitt, then trade and industry secretary, was warned of the problems when the deal was agreed in April 2005. However, the British company Marconi, which failed to win the contract in the face of a far cheaper offer from Huawei, did ask her to intervene to protect British jobs.

Hewitt, now a nonexecutive director of BT, declined to intervene, saying it was “a competitive tender between two commercial companies”. The most recent warnings about the cyberthreat to Britain’s security came in the JIC report on UK cybersecurity circulated in January and a Cabinet Office briefing paper that is understood to have emphasised Huawei’s links to the Chinese military.

Despite Allan’s warnings, and repeated warnings in the past, ministers remain reluctant to fund any move to remove the threat, officials say.

Yvette Cooper, chief secretary to the Treasury, is understood to have cautioned that it would be difficult to find the necessary funds in the current downturn. Ministers expressed concern that replacing the Chinese components with British parts would clash with government policy on competition.

According to the sources, the ministerial committee on national security was told at theJanuary meeting that Huawei components that form key parts of BT’s new network might already contain malicious elements waiting to be activated by China.

Working through Huawei, China was already equipped to make “covert modifications” or to “compromise equipment in ways that are very hard to detect” and that might later “remotely disrupt or even permanently disable the network”, the meeting was told.

This would be likely to have a “significant impact on critical services” such as power and water supplies, food distribution, the financial system and transport, which were dependent on computers to operate.

While technical modifications suggested to BT reduced the threat from hackers, organised criminals and most “hostile adversaries”, they were “not effective against deliberate attack from China”. The current friendly relations between Britain and China meant there was no immediate threat of this happening but there was still a very real threat that “covert functionality” within the components was already being used to gather intelligence.

Intelligence chiefs are believed to have warned that it was impossible to say if such information-gathering had already been introduced, since they had “only limited understanding of our adversaries’ attack capability”.

Whitehall departments were reportedly targeted by the Chinese in 2007, and a few months later Jonathan Evans, the MI5 director-general, wrote to 300 chief executives warning them that the Chinese were hacking into their systems and stealing confidential information.

An attempt by Huawei to merge with the US company 3Com, which provides computer security systems for thePentagon, was blocked last year after US intelligence warned that it would not be in US national security interests. In a new-year e-mail, Sun Yafang, Huawei’s chairwoman, told the company’s 85,000 employees that the global economic situation offered “both challenges and opportunities”. Four weeks later she was inside Downing Street as Gordon Brown welcomed Wen Jiabao, the Chinese premier.

Both Wen and Sun were keen to promote Huawei, which in little more than 20 years has grown into one of the world’s most powerful companies, with projected sales this year of £21 billion. Last year its sales jumped 46%. Its tentacles have reached most of the world’s telecoms companies.

Four days before Brown met Sun, intelligence chiefs had warned ministers of fears that Huawei’s role in the new system might have given China the ability to shut down Britain. Nor was it the first warning. Members of the ministerial committee on national security were told that “ministers had not paid sufficient attention to the threat from Huawei”.

John Tindle, professor in telecommunications engineering at Sunderland University, said software or hardware could sit hidden in a network, waiting to be activated. “If an unauthorised person were able to gain control of the equipment, its mode of operation could be changed,” he said. “The ability to move traffic across the network could be switched off. Traffic could be re-routed to another node controlled by the attacker.”

Huawei was selected to provide key components for the BT network in April 2005 despite allegations that it was bank-rolled by the Chinese government. The firm has previously shown itself to be opportunistic. The US company Cisco, one of Huawei’s main rivals, sued the Chinese company for alleged theft of its intellectual property rights in 2003. The case was settled out of court.

It is Huawei’s links to the Chinese military that cause most concern. Ren set up the company in 1988 after an edict from Deng Xiaoping, then China’s leader, that the country’s defence industry turn itself into profitable companies able to acquire modern technology.

A Pentagon report last week cited Huawei as a key part of the cyberthreat from China, noting that it retained “close ties” with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Huawei denies any continuing links to the PLA. A spokeswoman at the company’s UK headquarters dismissed the alleged links as “rumour and speculation”.

Cyberspace targets

Chinese hackers have repeatedly targeted western networks

-Computers at the Foreign Office and other Whitehall departments were attacked from China in 2007. In the same year, Jonathan Evans, the MI5 director-general, warned 300 British businesses that they were under Chinese cyber-attack

-The People’s Liberation Army is reputed to hold an annual competition to recruit the country’s best hackers

-Two years ago, Chinese Trojan horse spyware was found in the offices of Angela Merkel, the German chancellor

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[here is an example of a commercial outfit that produces such weapons of cyber-terror – 800]

Companies target overload cyber-attacks
Israel 21c

December 03, 2001

Tel Aviv-based WanWall is preparing to commercially launch the first comprehensive solution for what is potentially the most dangerous weapon in the arsenals of cyber-terrorists – the massive distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks that flood a victim’s Internet server with huge amounts of traffic, overloading the system and causing the site to essentially crash.

In February 2000 such attacks crippled the networks of Yahoo, Ebay and, knocking these e-commerce giants offline for as long as several days, resulting in an estimated $1.2 billion in losses. More recently – and much more ominously – similar attacks have were used to paralyze NATO computers in protest against the bombing of Serbia, and key Indian government Web sites to promote Kashmiri separatist goals.

While attacks against commercial Web sites may seem like a mere nuisance, in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the DDOS threat has government officials concerned. A Pentagon advisory commission on terrorist threats faced by the U.S. said in recent report that the nation “must improve security against cyber attacks and enhance related critical infrastructure protection to ensure the security of essential government, financial, energy, and other critical sector operations against attack.”

The FBI’s National Infrastructure Protection Center, which on Nov. 2 issued a formal warning about the likelihood of new DDOS attacks, said in an October report that, “cyber protesters are becoming increasingly more organized and their techniques more sophisticated.”

The threat is so real that the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon’s technology development organization, has solicited companies to present their technologies at a December conference devoted solely to the threat of, and potential solutions to, DDOS attacks.

Companies and government institutions currently rely on a hodgepodge of anti-virus software, firewalls and other Internet security devices to respond to DDOS attacks. That’s about to change, though, as WanWall readies its suite of products that are designed specifically to protect routers and application servers from extreme overload conditions in wide-area networks (WANs).

In addition to government agencies, the products are targeted at Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Web-hosting companies, large enterprises and cellular telephone providers. Taken together, these represent an extremely attractive market opportunity for WanWall and other companies developing anti-DDOS solutions. According to a recent study by technology research firm IDC, the total DDOS prevention market will grow to over $800 million by 2005.

“We are ready with the right product just as the need for it increases significantly,” WanWall CEO Yuval Rachmilevitz said of the heightened awareness of the cyber-terrorist threat.

WanWall’s products are unique in that they divert the “bad” traffic away from a victim’s network while allowing legitimate traffic to reach the site. In addition, the key components of the system are not part of the network’s “critical path” and therefore do not degrade the normal operation of the network. Rather, when an attack is detected, the system automatically offloads the victim’s traffic from the network, cleans it, and then returns the clean traffic to the network, on its way to the intended destination.

For example, an attack on one ISP client has no impact on any others. In addition, WanWall’s solution is the only one capable of protecting ISPs’ and carriers’ networks from all known attacks, with minimal requirements from the network.

“The key idea of the system is not to add another device on the path, but rather to divert attack traffic away from it,” said Rachmilevitz.

The company, which was founded in 2000 by a team of top computer scientists from the Israeli academia and executives from some of Israel’s top technology companies, has significant backing from major venture capital firms, including Intel Capital and Israel’s Gemini Capital and Koor CVC. With these heavyweights in its corner, WanWall has the financial resources to see itself through and beyond the March 2002 release of its first products, and its first anticipated revenues.

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Israeli cyber-Spies Penetrated Electricity Grid in U.S. and blame it on China & Russia

“9/11 Evil” by Victor Thorn — Israel’s Central Role in the Sept. 11 Attacks

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9-11_evil_coverFinally, a 9/11 book that addresses the attacks’ most important element: the direct involvement of Israel. Along with details of Israel’s lead role in the events of 9/11, author Victor Thorn reveals how the so-called “9/11 Truth Movement” has been co-opted by Zionist interests with the aim of steering suspicion away from Israel and her many agents in the US government.“A majority of 9/11 researchers, and especially those who have become known as ‘gatekeepers,’ have avoided this subject like the plague,” Thorn writes. “Why? Because the direct implications to Israeli involvement in 9/11 are so overt, and so obvious, that no one could ever investigate this case again without considering the Mossad as one of the primary suspects.”“9/11 Evil” by Victor Thorn — Download it HERE read it, and email it to every thinking person you know.

Much of “9/11 Evil” is devoted to what Thorn does best: exposing the multifarious disinformation agents in the so-called “truth movement.” As the author intelligently explains it:

“There has been established within the CONTROLLED alternative media and 9/11 ‘truth movement’ a framework which parallels precisely that of the mainstream media. Stated differently, those who lord over the Jewish-dominated corporate press established the same rigid type of operation when they created their phony 9/11 ‘truth’ network. The logic behind such a maneuver is obvious. To prevent unwanted information from leaking out to the public and to instead keep it contained, they hand-picked a group of operatives before 9/11 even occurred to eventually bamboozle truth-seekers after the attacks took place.”

“A large percentage of the alternative media and 9/11 ‘truth movement’ (many of them Jewish) aren’t differentiated in the least from their counterparts in the Zionist-run corporate media. This point is vital to understand, because information control is essential in the cover-up process of any crime.”

“The exact same forces controlling the mainstream media information Matrix are also the same ones who control a majority of the alternative media. The best way of viewing this situation is as such: powerful Jewish forces have spent decades consolidating and monopolizing this country’s TV networks, newspapers, radio stations, and magazines. Do you think it’s possible that they would simply ignore those who are trying hardest to expose one of their greatest crimes ever? Of course not.”

“From the very moment this plot was first conceived, the cabal behind it was also planning the cover-up. One of the most integral aspects of this cover-up was a massive infiltration of the 9/11 truth movement. In fact, many of the most prominent deceivers are either Jewish, Jewish apologists, or part of a complex Zionist protection racket. We can no longer ignore this fact or keep our heads in the sand about it.”

Thorn then goes on to enumerate some of the “techniques that those who are bought and sold by the Israeli Lobby use to divert researchers in an arrav of convoluted directions.” These include:

1) A constant droning of vague, non-specific entities such as the “New World Order,” “globalists,” “Illuminati,” “internationalists,” and even “neo-cons” to intentionally deflect people’s attention away from those who actually masterminded 9/11 (therefore never using the world “Israel”).

2) Encourage the cult of personality where a popular radio show host will expose a variety of clandestine conspiracies, but never point his finger at the true culprit.

3) Bring in a religious figure who lays out (for all to see) the entire truth about the mechanics of 9/11, including the all-important World Trade Center controlled demolitions and the Whitewash Committee’s many lies, omissions, and distortions. The only problem is, this individual will refuse to pound a final nail in the coffin by shining a light on Israel’s role in these attacks.

4) Use paid back-room moles to infiltrate every possible 9/11 chat room, message board, and forum to create as much din, disruption, “noise,” and chaos as possible which constantly litters and pollutes the soup; effectively preventing most people from focusing on Israel’s central role in 9/11.

5) A seeming obsession with minutiae where researchers spend an inordinate amount of time endlessly fixating on the tiniest of details without stepping back and exposing the bigger picture and its subsequent ramifications. Or else they’ll engage in rhetorical debates for debate’s sake; all of which is sterile, self-contained, and circular in nature.

Unlike the legions of paid shills in the bogus “truth movement,” however, Thorn isn’t afraid to hang the blame squarely on the shoulders of the true perpetrators of the attacks:

“These shadowy figures were also the descendents of a long-line of behind-the-scenes manipulators who murdered JFK in cold-blood on a bright sunny day in Dallas. They too were a part of the cabal which created the Holohoax lies, staged the Lavon Affair, attempted to sink the USS Liberty, tried to cover-up the Dimona nuclear reactor, finagled us into two successive wars with Iraq, ran arms during the Iran-Contra affair, lurked in the shadows of the notorious BCCI banking scandal, clandestinely facilitated key players at Elohim City before the OKC Bombing, murdered Rachel Corrie in all her innocence, masterminded numerous spy operations (including Jonathon Pollard), and had their fingers all over the 9-11 terror attacks.”

“Yes. these are the same hidden forces which leverage $10 billion in ‘foreign aid’ each year from the United States and who are building a high-tech, militant apartheid wall around their borders during a time when every other nation is supposed to be ‘beyond’ such notions. And even though we’re all brainwashed into believing that our goal in the Middle East is freedom, peace, and democracy, Israel is an oppressive Bolshevik dictatorship which teems with such brazen racism that it hinges on being outright genocide. Worst of all, their slithering multi-tentacled Lobby is so powerful that its economic blackmail extends not only through the halls of congress, but all the way to our executive branch.”

Along with the better-known incidents of the “dancing Israelis,” the Israeli “art student” spies and the Israeli-owned Urban Moving company, Thorn goes into particular detail about the conspiracy’s biggest players, such as WTC owner (and zionist Jew) Larry Silverstein and Pentagon comptroller (and zionist Jew) Dov Zakheim. Here’s what Thorn — brilliantly connecting the dots — has to say about the former:

“Less than two months prior to the twin towers being struck by kamikaze airliners (July 24, 2001), the former president of New York’s United Jewish Appeal — Larry Silverstein — purchased the WTC complex from the Port Authority. This 99-year lease was the final coup de grace which allowed the conspirators to cement the last remaining piece to their puzzle.”

“Christopher Bollyn of the American Free Press has also pointed out in great detail the Jewish connection of those who took control of the WTC towers. As stated, Larry Silverstein was former president of the UJA, a highly influential Zionist charity organization. Plus, the man who negotiated this deal — Saul Eisenberg — was on the planning board of not only the UJA, but also the United Jewish Federation. In addition, he also served as vice president of AIPAC, which is now ensnared in a huge Israeli spy scandal.”

“On top of that, Silverstein has been closely tied to two Likud mainstays — Ariel ‘the Butcher’ Sharon and former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In fact, prior to 9/11, Netanyahu and Silverstein would speak on the telephone every Sunday afternoon. Bibi [Netenyahu] becomes a key player in this scenario because he was the man who actually coined the term ‘war on terrorism,’ which is now the official buzzword for our never-ending, Israeli-induced perpetual war.”

Here’s what Thorn writes about the Israeli-owned ICTS airport security firm and its probable role in 9/11:

“This situation becomes even eerier when we realize that a private security firm — ICTS — was contracted to cover each of the terminals from which the 9/11 ‘hijackings’ took place. It should also be noted that ICTS is an Israeli company (its two chairmen are Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon), and many of its employees were formerly in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). Thus, only one entity had inside access to all of the vital airports on the morning of September 11 — an Israeli owned company.”

On WTC 7 and mortgage holder Stephen A. Schwartzman, Thorn writes:

”The mortgage holder for WTC 7 was the Blackstone Group, whose President and CEO was a Jewish man named Stephen A. Schwartzman. The chairman for this company was Peter G. Peterson (Jewish) who also served as chairman of New York’s Federal Reserve Bank. Peterson is also on the board of directors for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), while his partner (Mr. Schwartzman) is also a CFR member.”

”In addition, Peterson acted as chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers from 1973-77 (Jewish), then became chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers Kuhn, Loeb Inc (Jewish). Lastly, Peterson is founding chairman of the globalist-oriented Institution for International Economics and a recipient of the American Jewish Congress’s Stephen Wise Award.”

”And, just for good measure, it should be noted that the man who negotiated and authorized the transaction for Larry Silverstein (Jewish) was Port Authority Chairman Lewis M. Eisenberg (Jewish). Thus, what we’ve seen is that every pivotal player involved in the deal to move the WTC Complex from New York’s Port Authority to Larry Silverstein was Jewish. Every single one.”

On the infamous Defense Policy Board, which runs the US military machine, Thorn writes:

“Our nation’s War Machine takes its marching orders from an entity called the Defense Policy Board, which most certainly wields more power than the current Defense Secretary on 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld. The most important question now is: who runs the Defense Policy Board? The answer, not surprisingly, is Zionists such as long-time Bilderberg member Henry Kissinger (Jewish), James Schlessinger (Jewish), Eliot A. Cohen (Jewish), Paul Wolfowitz, now President of the World Bank (Jewish), Douglas Feith (Jewish), and the Prince of Darkness himself, Richard Perle (Jewish).”

On the so-called Neo-conservatives, Thorn writes:

”Who, though, are these oft-referred to neo-cons? Are they hard-core conservatives that want smaller government and limited US involvement in foreign armed conflicts? Not a chance. In actuality, the neo-cons are ex-Trotskyites who followed the lead of their Jewish mentor, Leo Strauss, who unequivocally advocated the ‘noble lie’ to further one’s agenda. Biographer Shadia Drury even described Strauss as a ‘new Machiavelli’ and said that he was ‘a great believer in the efficacy and usefulness of lies in politics.’ Does this sound eerily familiar to 9/11 — promoting the ‘big lie’ to further Israel’s Grand Cause?”

”Thus, when we view the neo-cons in this light, they’re not even conservatives or Republicans; but instead disaffected Leftists and Marxists loyal to Israel.”

[For more on the Neo-conservatives and their influence in Washington, watch this excellent BBC documentary — “The War Party” — HERE

And on the sinister Office of Special Plans — the driving force behind Washington’s illegal war on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq — the author writes:

”Another branch of this Zionist octopus is the Office of Special Plans, which nicknamed itself ‘The Cabal.’ Its dark-visionary driving force was Paul Wolfowitz, while being directed by Leo Strauss’ protege Abram Shulsky (Jewish). Shulsky was Donald Rumsfeld’s chief disinformation agent who had spent his Cold War years mastering Soviet disinformation techniques. He also reported directly to Paul Wolfowitz, and co-authored a research paper entitled ‘Leo Strauss and the World of Intelligence,’ which promoted the idea that ‘a certain amount of deception is essential in government.’”

“The neo-con-led Office of Special Plans was so powerful that it even took precedence over the Pentagon’s DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), and was one of the primary contributors to the eventual war with Iraq. Deception about WMD’s was their forte.”

Finally, Thorn lists the names of “the primary players” inside the Pentagon/White House in positions to pull off 9/11. They include:

Richard Perle — Jewish
Paul Wolfowitz — Jewish
Kenneth Adelman — Jewish
Lewis “Scooter” Libby — Jewish
Douglas Feith — Jewish
Dov Zakheim — Jewish
David Wurmser — Jewish
Elliot Abrams — Jewish
Eliot Cohen — Jewish
Daniel Pipes — Jewish
Stephen Bryen — Jewish (suspected by the DIA of turning over classified Pentagon records to Israel in the late 1970’s; he later founded JINSA)

“So,” Thorn concludes, “what we have here is the Zionist-aligned Defense Policy Board (the real power behind the War Machine’s throne) controlling every top spot at the Pentagon; with PNAC-signatories Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney following in fully compliant lockstep. Therefore, when we look at the military’s ‘stand-down’ on the morning of 9/11, if anybody says that Israel didn’t control it, they’re absolutely incorrect, for the entire Pentagon think-tank was an insanely obsessed cabal of Jewish murderers who were calling all the shots.”

The book contains much more extremely relevant material on several other elements of the 9/11 crime, including the Israeli telecommunications firms — Amdocs, Comverse, Odigo and Checkpoint — that allowed Israel to control America’s communications network; the influence of the Israeli lobby and Zionist think-tanks on US foreign policy; control of the mainstream media by Jewish interests; and the leading role played by the Jewish Rothchild banking family in all the major conflicts of the last century.

“9/11 Evil: Israel’s Central Role in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks” by Victor Thorn — Down load it here, read it, and email it to every thinking person you know.

To download an excellent 2008 interview with Victor Thorn by Christian pastor and radio host Texe Marrs — in which the two men discuss Thorn’s book — click HERE

Also, Thorn’s WingTV broadcast archives — in which he and wife Lisa Giuliani skewer so-called “truth-tellers” in the “alternative” media — are well worth listening to. They can all be found at (although they currently appear to be having some server problems).

“9/11 Evil” by Victor Thorn — Israel’s Central Role in the Sept. 11 Attacks

Israel Shamir on 9/11: “The Panamanians did it”

Posted in Outing Liars with tags , , , on August 18, 2008 by The 800 Pound Gorilla

Russian Israeli writer Israel Shamir denies Israeli orchestration of 911 and only responds to left gatekeepers when rebutting any evidence topics or so called truth seekers. he says “There is always a place for critique and argument — even against Chomsky, and I have had my go at that, too. However, there are some red lines we should try to observe in friendly critique, and this one was a crude ad hominem and paranoid attack. Barrett is similar to the holocaust-obsessed Jews (and their ‘denying’ counterparts) who need your confirmation of their narrative and do not let go of your buttonhole until you respond. Let Barrett fight this war himself, without Chomsky at his disposal. This is a free country, more or less. For instance, I do not deny or confirm holocausts and massacres. Peak Oil does not pique me overmuch. And as for 9/11 whodunit, I feel that the 911 Truth Movement of Barrett et al. trivializes the event, turning it into a successful insurance swindle.I wrote about the event, at the time it took place:

“The kamikaze could be practically anybody: American Nationalists, American Communists, American Fundamentalist Christians, American Anarchists, anybody who rejects the twin gods of the dollar and the M-16, who hates the stock market and interventions overseas, who dreams of America for Americans, who does not want to support the drive for world domination. They could be Native Americans returning to Manhattan, or Afro-Americans who still have not received compensation for slavery.

They could be foreigners of practically any extraction, as Wall Street and the Pentagon ruined many lives of people all over the globe. Germans can remember the fiery holocaust of Dresden with its hundreds of thousands of peaceful refugees incinerated by the US Air Force. The Japanese will not forget the nuclear holocaust of Hiroshima. The Arab world still feels the creeping holocaust of Iraq and Palestine. Russians and East Europeans feel the shame of Belgrade. Latin Americans think of American invasions of Panama and Granada, of destroyed Nicaragua and defoliated Colombia. Asians count their dead of Vietnam War, Cambodia bombings, Laos CIA operations in millions. Even a pro-American, Russian TV broadcaster could not refrain from saying, ‘now Americans begin to understand the feelings of Baghdad and Belgrade’.

The Riders could be anybody who lost his house to the bank, who was squeezed from his work and made permanently unemployed, who was declared an Untermench by the new Herrenvolk. They could be Russians, Malaysians, Mexicans, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Congolese, Brazilians, Vietnamese, as their economy was destroyed by Wall Street and the Pentagon. They could be anybody, and they are everybody. Their identity is quite irrelevant as their message is more important than their personalities, and their message is read loud and clear in the choice of targets.”
I guess Mr. Shamir is just another left-gatekeeper with very enticing subject discussed such as blood libel, but will not address the 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room of Israeli orchestration and cover-up of 911.

Mr. Shamir goes on to say ” I can’t accept the Mossad and/or the Jews as the perpetrators of the 9/11, not because it is an antisemitic claim. My readers know that this consideration has never stopped me before. It’s the other way around: I consider it a deeply pro-Jewish claim implying that only Jews are capable of enterprises of great pith and moment, while others prefer to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and never take arms against a sea of troubles. In a way, the Jewish perpetration theory shows how far this belief in Jewish superiority has entered the hearts of Americans and of many Muslims: “if it was done and it did not flop, it’s got to be Jews”. We Israelis are more critical; we say “if it did not flop, it can’t be the Mossad”.

note: I think Mr. Shamir is suppose to be a replacement for Israel Shahak (although I have no proof of this but I find it very hard to belive that in this day and age a 68 year old diabetics man in NYC just dies of diabeties complications) Israel Shahak, was the real deal, he was the only (famous) person that I know of to protest the Israeli campaign against Ahmed Rami’s, which I think is being replaced by the very dubious (which I think is front). Ahmed Rami Exposed the Current Zionist Jewish Moroccan regime.

just Like Alex Jones with his big Bohemian grove was suppose to gain a following to replace William Cooper, but it did not quite work out. as we all know. I think the media mangers like they do with politicians they do with the alternative media now, placing their agents among the unsuspecting public.

“Now you can be sure: Jews did 9/11”

Israel Shamir on 9/11: “The Panamanians did it”