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Hey, Rev — When did they get to you?

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tedpikecapitolReverend Ted Pike of the National Prayer Network has done excellent work in the past exposing both Israeli criminality and the evil Talmudic teachings on which Israeli policy is based. Pike also deserves praise for his efforts in raising opposition to so-called “hate laws” crafted by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in order to stifle free speech and persecute dissenters.

It was with considerable disappointment, therefore, that the 800lb. Gorilla watched Pike’s recent video file, “Hate Law Jihad: Criminalizing Islam’s Critics,” in which the reverend makes the outrageous claim that Muslims represent the chief beneficiaries of current and pending “hate crimes” legislation.

The assertion is ludicrous on its face, as we all know that “hate laws” are the work of religion-hating Zionists, designed for use against their opponents — be they Christian, Muslim or otherwise.

So one has to wonder, Rev — when did they get to you?

As mentioned above, Ted Pike has done some admirable work in the past. His hour-long documentary “The Other Israel” is particularly worth watching as it covers several red-line issues, including the anti-gentile nature of the Talmud/Cabala; the Jewish hand behind the 1913 economic takeover of the United States and the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia; Jewish control over most political groups and radical movements in 20th century America; and Jewish control over US mass media. (Download it HERE )

In “The Other Israel,” Pike makes no bones about who’s really calling the shots, explicitly referring to the “Jewish domination of our [western] society.” At one point, he describes Jewish social and political domination in the US as “a demonically-empowered conspiracy.” Amen, reverend.

Yet regrettably, in his recent “Hate Law Jihad” video, Pike, for whatever reason, appears to have jumped aboard the anti-Islam bandwagon.

In the nine-minute presentation, he claims that sinister Muslim organizations — such as the Canadian Islamic Conference — represent the prime beneficiaries of current and future hate legislation. At one point, Pike even goes so far as to say that Muslim countries wield undue influence over decision-making at the United Nations.

“In the UN, Muslim groups on a much grander scale are attempting to end criticism of Islam worldwide,” he says. “The 56 Muslim nations dominating the General Assembly have repeatedly passed a symbolic resolution entitled ‘Combating Defamation of religion.’ Now they are pushing to make it a legally-binding and internationally-enforced Hate Crimes law against anyone who criticizes Islam.”

Just to clarify: Pike states that the United Nations — a Zionist world body founded (1945) for the express purpose of granting legitimacy to the otherwise-totally-illegitimate state of Israel (1948) — is in reality dominated by Muslims.

This reminds one of earlier absurdities by well-known disinformation merchants, such as Alex Jones’ claims that “the Arabs run Hollywood,” or speculation by Zionist apologist Israel Shamir (not to be confused with Israel Shahak) that “afro-Americans” are responsible for 9/11 .

Pike even goes so far as to compare Muslims with other “favored groups” protected under hate-crimes laws, including “homosexuals, adulterers, fornicators, Satanists and witches.” (One has to ask: when — especially within the context of the post-9/11 clash of civilizations — have Muslims ever been considered a “favored group” in the US, Canada or Europe?)

Pike does goes on, however, to identify the Jewish ADL as the chief architect of most current and pending hate legislation:

“In 1988, the Anti-Defamation League — a Jewish organization — sponsored a conference at New York’s prestigious Hofstra University. They began to craft a model anti-hate law for America,” he explains. “During the 1990s, the ADL convinced nearly 45 US states to adopt some version of its hate law.”

“In that same period, the ADL convinced more than a dozen governments in Europe, along with Australia and New Zealand, to establish hate-law bureaucracies. Yet the ADL’s primary goal in the US is to pass its Federal Hate Crimes Law…now in the house judiciary committee,” Pike adds. “This Orwellian legislation is very similar to the ADL’s Canadian Hate-Crimes Law, which took away free speech from Canada in 1971.”

Why, then, while conceding the Jewish origin of the “hate crimes” agenda, does Pike feel the need to portray Islam as a looming danger to our freedoms? The Islamic faith and Muslim peoples are, and continue to be, the victims of Zionist scheming, not its beneficiaries — and Ted Pike should know this.

Pike’s absurd claim does not represent his first transgression vis-à-vis the truth.

In another of his documentaries, “Why the Middle East Bleeds,” he cites Israeli criminality as a reason why “Al-Qaeda” attacked America on 9/11 — when he should know by now that most, if not all, recent acts of so-called “Islamic terrorism” have really been the work of Israeli false-flag operatives, including the 9/11 attacks. (For evidence of this, see Victor Thorn’s “9/11 Evil: Israel’s Central Role in the Attacks of September 11, 2001” and this concise document, entitled “The Muslims Didn’t Do It”.)

Is the reverend misinformed? Or is he purposely confusing the issue by creating destructive divisions between two faiths — Christianity and Islam — which, in reality, represent the most natural of allies in the fight against the Synagogue of Satan?

One thing’s for sure: with the window of opportunity for effective resistance narrowing daily, there simply isn’t time for this kind of misunderstanding and/or obfuscation. Who the enemy is — exactly — should be abundantly clear by now to anyone whose critical faculties are still intact.

Whether by accident or by design, Pike’s ludicrous assertions only serve to take fire off the enemy — which is, and has always been, criminal Zionism — and he should be called on it.


Zionism Means Never Saying You’re Sorry

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March 31, 2009


by Henry Makow Ph.D.

“The Jewish elite, the academics, politicians and media consider themselves to be great moralists, with very little self-introspection. Their self-righteousness, arrogance, and inherited Jewish prejudices against Christians has led to a huge amount of anti-Christian sentiment.”

In Canada, this is called “hate speech” and would draw  “human rights” complaints from organized Jewry. In fact, this statement was made by an Israeli Jew to the Jerusalem Post, (March 30) and referred to anti-Semitism in Norway. I changed “Norwegian” and “Lutheran” to “Jewish,” and “Israel” and “Jews” to “Christians.”

Manfred Gerstenfeld, Chairman of the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs was commenting on the “latent anti-Semitic feelings in Norwegian society” released by Operation Cast Lead. This shows that Zionists claim carte blanche when it comes to ethnic generalizations about others but cry “anti-Semitism” to silence criticism of themselves.

Rabbi Yoav Melchior, the leading rabbi of Norway, echoed this view that the Norwegian outrage at the Israeli massacre of Gazans was the result of latent anti-Semitism. (I cite the article extensively since it has been removed from the JPost site.)

The rabbi said he had been “very scared during the war. Hatred spread in a fast, dangerous way. This was blind emotionalism against Israel and against Jews. It gets deep at the heart of Norway’s emotional anti-Semitism. The current wave of anti-Semitism shows what people have been holding inside them,” he said.

Gerstenfeld, who authored and recently published “Behind the Humanitarian Mask: The Nordic Countries, Israel, and the Jews,” noted that “considering that there are only 700 Jews in a population of 4.6 million, there is a lot of hatred against Israel and the Jews.”

Norway’s government has been vocal in its criticism of Israel in recent months. At the outbreak of the Gaza hostilities, Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre declared that “Norway strongly
condemns any form of warfare that causes severe civilian suffering, and calls on Israel to withdraw its forces immediately.”

In addition, “the Norwegians are pioneers in boycotting Israel,” Gerstenfeld said, citing many Norwegian trade unions’ affinity for supporting Palestinian interests at Israel’s expense.

According to Gerstenfeld, “because Norway is a very tiny country with a language most don’t understand, nobody gives them much attention. Their anti-Semitism flew completely under the radar for a long time.” Now that the world is becoming aware of the situation in Norway, “the Norwegian elite won’t get away with this incredible arrogance any longer,” he asserted.


This article illustrates two disturbing characteristics found in the Zionist (and perhaps Jewish) psyche which may be a form of mind control.

1) Zionists never say sorry because they are never wrong. They have suspended the law of cause and effect. Criticism, opposition or anti-Semitism is never the result of their own actions or behavior.  It is always due to an irrational inbred hatred or prejudice on the part of others. Anti-Semitism gives them infallibility and immunity.

But as long as Jews support Israel, they will be held responsible for Israel’s actions. Zionism is all about creating anti-Semitism to force Jews to back their aggressive hidden agenda. (See my “The Zionist Protection Racket”) Jews are being used to build the Rothschild’s Thousand Year Kingdom, and when they are no longer needed by the Illuminati, they will be tossed aside.

Zionists demonize and treat their opponents like subhumans and “haters” because they won’t admit their wrongdoing. This idea is bred into them so their leadership literally can get away with murder. Thus while some righteous Israeli soldiers reported numerous war crimes in Gaza, the IDF  blithely concluded that these reports were “hearsay.” This trimming of the truth to fit the agenda has become commonplace in the world today.

2) Gerstenfeld’s threat that “the world is becoming aware of the situation in Norway” and the Norwegian elite “won’t get away with it any longer” reveals an authoritarian tendency.
Zionists, like Communists, do not respond to criticism with rebuttals because they know they’re wrong. After marginalizing critics, they respond with ad hominem attacks, ridicule, smears, threats, legal actions, and attacks on their livelihood.  Disingenuously, they cry “hatred” when in fact they are a major source of hatred in the world today. They are a big part of the dynamic of the emerging totalitarian world government.

In the West (the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany and France) this totalitarian system is synonymous with support for Zionism. Criticism of Israel is being banned. In the UK, a diplomat faces jail for expressing disgust at Israeli atrocities. British MP George Galloway is refused entry to Canada because of his support for Palestinians. Canadians were never given an opportunity to debate this “security agreement” whereby critics of Israel, a country built on terrorism, are suddenly accused of supporting terrorism.

The way Zionists and Communists work, the way the New World Order works, is to control people by controlling thought and discourse. Read “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” over and over. Don’t overlook the blueprint of the New World Order.


Organized Jewry has noted an increase in anti-Semitism.  This is due to two factors: Israel’s  reaction to Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008: wildly disproportionate to the provocation, unequal in strength, and savagely targeting civilians. And more important, the perception that “Jews” are behind the current credit crisis.

Indeed the Illuminati Jewish dominated Federal Reserve is responsible, according to G.H.W. Bush  Assistant Secretary of Housing. Catherine Austin Fitts.

“Alan Greenspan is a liar. The Federal Reserve and its long standing partner, the US Treasury, engineered the housing bubble, including the fraudulent inducement of America as part of a financial coup d’etat. Our bankruptcy was not an accident. It was engineered at the highest levels.”

The cause of anti-Semitism is no mystery. Too many Jews have served as dupes and pawns of the world’s central banking cartel’s (i.e. Rothschild’s) plan for world government tyranny. Masons, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Republicrats and practically every other “successful” religion or organization also serve. (Anyone who espouses diversity, “women’s & gay rights”, climate change etc.) But if history is an indication, popular indignation will be funneled against those Jews who played little or no role in this diabolical conspiracy. These Jews must stand up now and, in the words of Sam Goldwyn say, “include me out.”   

All patriots must speak up and oppose the New World Order in many different ways. Let’s use our freedom or risk losing it.


New JPost Article Backtracks on Norwegian Anti-Semitism

Israeli War Crimes

The Silence of Diaspora Jews


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The above article can be found at:

Zionism morphes into newspeak

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The Jewish Daily Forward
Wed. Jun 27, 2007

There is a Jewish conspiracy at work. It is not the one portrayed in the pernicious “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” It is not Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust hoax, or a Zionist plot to undermine Islam. Nor is it Jewish control of the media or the world economy as Jihadists, Ku Klux Klanners, neo-Nazi skinheads and Mel Gibson conjure up for themselves. It is not even the so-called apartheid security wall that so inflames Britain’s self-righteous, hypocritical, antisemitic academics and labor unions.

No, the only real Jewish conspiracy is the one aimed at undermining the future existence of Israel, and, consequently, the survival of the Jewish people worldwide. Iran, Holocaust deniers, the British left and all the rest of the mosquitoes carrying the antisemite bacillus are child’s play compared to this threat.

There is a Jewish conspiracy to prevent massive immigration of North American Jews to Israel.
The plot began when the word Zionism was hijacked by the professional Jewish and Israeli world and applied to every possible Jewish enterprise other than aliyah. Need a term for Jewish education in the Diaspora? Why not use Zionism? Need a word for patriotic Israeli spirit? Zionism. Need a word for Jews who contribute money, use Israel as a booster program for Jewish identity, or even just for tourism? Call all that Zionism, too. Nice, concise and misleading.

In a way exceeding the machinations of George Orwell, the word Zionism has morphed into newspeak to the point of losing its core meaning and providing an umbrella for any old thing that functionaries, bureaucrats, fundraisers and Jewish identity wonks can use to make a living. Having obfuscated the term’s meaning, the conspirators have set about suppressing the notion of aliyah.

What are the motivations? On the North American side it is simply to prevent the kinder from considering aliyah as an option and threatening the vitality of golden Diaspora. Birthright participants can see Israel as a museum, a Holocaust memorial, a refugee absorption center, the home of soldier-heroes and a catalyst for Jewish identity. They can meet generals, prime ministers and suffering Ethiopian immigrants.

But God forbid, don’t let them meet with people exactly like their parents who actually moved to and live in the real Israel, because they might get some ideas.

Israelis have preferred taking in American Jewish money over taking in large numbers of strong competitors laden with human and financial capital. The vested interests here are fully aware that many patterns of behavior would be very difficult to maintain if another half-million North American Jews made aliyah.

How would Moshe Safdie’s backward, environmentally unsound plan for developing West Jerusalem even emerge from committee? How would the Orthodox establishment hamstring conversion processes? How could politicians behave corruptly, impervious to notions of accountability? How could the education system continue to teach rote knowledge and base admission to university on psychometric puzzles, rather than on the skills of independent thinking, broad horizons and competent writing skills? How could the World Zionist Organization have its annual meeting and dream up all kinds of fatuous programs but not once mention aliyah?

Aliyah is the Occam’s Razor for so many problems, and yet it is the only solution not considered for any of them.

The Reform movement decries the conditions of its members in Israel? Send money, but sending more members, forget it. North American Jews have identity problems? Invest billions in convoluted educational programs that lead nowhere, but don’t give every American Jew a direct link to an actual cousin who lives in an actual Jewish state.

Jerusalem Day is conducted under the cloud of a lost Jewish majority in the city? Disenfranchise the Arabs of East Jerusalem, but don’t change the balance by actually getting more Jews here. Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust and says it was an excuse to create Israel? Hold conferences, speak indignantly, give him attention he doesn’t deserve, but don’t disabuse him and make his claims irrelevant by proving that masses of Jews want to live in Israel by choice, and not only as refugees.

When the history of Zionism is written, it will become clear that post-Zionism started when the word “Zionism” became an instrument of this conspiracy.

Unless organizations dedicated to — and only to — aliyah garner the lion’s share of Jewish philanthropy in place of expenditures on Jewish identity fetishes and continued waving at post-Zionist windmills, these philanthropic efforts will fail every cost-effectiveness test one can imagine. Unless young Jewish minds in North America are exposed to the idea that aliyah is a realistic option that can ensure the future of Israel and the Jewish people everywhere, the next century will find the Ahmadinejads, Ismael Haniyehs and Ken Livingstones of the world wondering why they worked so hard when the Jewish conspiracy succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

And no one will be left to read the Book of Lamentations.

David Chinitz, a senior lecturer at the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Public Health in Jerusalem, made aliyah from Washington in 1981.

URL:The Jewish Daily Forward

Zionism morphes into newspeak

Michael Saba exposed Zionist “Armageddon Network” in 1982

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The so-called neo-conservatives currently crafting US foreign policy are hardly fresh arrivals to the corridors of power. As author Michael Saba reveals in his little-known 1982 expose, the neo-con cabal, or what Saba calls the “Armageddon Network,” has been furthering Israel’s agenda in Washington — at the expense of American interests — since the 1970s.The book details how, in 1978, US officials, including neo-con stalwart Richard Perle, were caught passing highly-classified defense department documents to their Israeli counterparts — and got away with it scot-free. As Saba writes in the book’s forward: “That those involved in this affair are still ‘at large,’ and in fact currently hold senior positions in the Pentagon, is what distinguishes ‘The Armageddon Network’ from the average non-fiction account of an espionage investigation.”

The book begins by detailing how then Assistant Secretary of Defense Perle and deputy Stephen D. Bryen were caught red-handed passing top-secret US documents to Israel. Yet despite the author’s best efforts and piles of evidence (the book includes pages of damning documentation in several appendices), the treason is successfully covered up by Zionist agents in US law enforcement and the media.

“Incredible pressure was brought to bear upon the FBI and other sections at the Justice Department to terminate the investigation, and upon news media… to prevent publication of the details of the affair,” the author writes, providing a thorough account of the ensuing whitewash.

Saba doesn’t pull his punches, noting — in 1982, mind you — that the influence of the “network” extended far beyond Israel’s political-action lobby to include “high-level officials throughout all agencies of the government, Congressional aides, and journalists and other media specialists who cut or avoid stories which present Israel in a negative light and promote attempts to smear Israel’s ‘enemies’.”

Ultimately, the culprits — several of whom, notably, were proteges of then Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson — not only escape punishment, but go on to occupy positions of enormous influence in subsequent US administrations (including the current one) where they continue to work diligently for Israel.

“Mr. Perle’s influence in the Reagan Administration far exceeds that normally held by an Assistant Secretary of Defense,” reads a 1983 New York Times article cited in the book. “In the transition, he was able to place associates in important national security positions…”

The “network,” the author explains in no uncertain terms, is “working to achieve US policies that benefit Israel, but which are more and more damaging to America both at home and abroad.” Along with exposing blatant acts of espionage, Saba also chronicles how the network’s agents successfully fostered legislation over the years granting billions of US tax-payers’ dollars in annual military and financial “aid” to Israel.

Like former congressman Paul Findley’s “They Dare to Speak Out [LINK],” Saba’s book also explains how American commercial as well as security relationships “are adversely affected by the activities of Israel’s special interest leaders in Washington, both inside and outside the government,” and how Soviet interests were “correspondingly advanced.”

Saba doesn’t miss the inherent non-logic in the neo-conservatives’ supposed hatred of communism (knowing, perhaps, that both ideologies are opposing tentacles of the same beast): “Herein rests the penultimate irony of the efforts of Israel’s friends,” he writes, “most of whom also profess a virulent form of anti-communism.”

The author goes on to chronicle how Perle, Bryen and their associates exploited their positions and the circumstances of the Cold War to halt the export of US technologies to foreign markets — so that competing Israeli manufacturers could pick up the lost business. As a result of these Israel-first policies, he writes, “The Soviets got their equipment, a US company lost millions, and the rift between the US and other NATO nations deepened.”

The extent of the network’s power in Washington, meanwhile, is well-known in most foreign, particularly Arab, capitals, says Saba.

“Senior Middle East leaders are fully aware of both the specific incidents described herein, and the pervasive pattern of US security indiscretions where Israel is concerned,” he writes. “This knowledge… has changed the way these leaders approach their own security plans vis-a-vis the US, Western Europe and the Eastern Bloc countries.”

Saba adds: “Even Egypt, to which the US post-Camp David has provided over a billion dollars in military aid annually, has recently begun to operate on the premise that American advice and advisors constitute an Israeli Trojan horse in their midst.”

Unfortunately, “The Armageddon Network” does not appear to be available in PDF format (if anyone has it, please post it online). In the meantime, it can be ordered from Amazon here:

For more on Richard Perle and the network’s more recent crimes, watch the BBC’s revealing 2003 documentary, “The War Party”

BBC Panorama, “The War Party” — Watch it HERE

BBC Panorama, “The War Party” — Download torrent HERE

Michael Saba exposed Zionist “Armageddon Network” in 1982